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2011: Approaching The On-Ramp

(originally written 12/30/10)

2011 will be a fun, groundbreaking year for my black ass. Like George Zimmer would say, "I guarantee it.”


I know this because I won't accept anything less. For so long I came up with excuses NOT to do a lot of things I wanted to do. For so long I missed out.

True, having a toddler and a full-time job and a beard will prevent me from fulfilling ALL my 2011 dreams—but not most.


I am hosting my first ever poker game at my crib in January (an event originally scheduled for the evening of 1/1 but pushed back to 1/15 so a colleague can lie around and scratch himself for two weeks.) I've always wanted to, but always had an excuse not to. "There might be a fight" "What if the cards catch on fire?" "What if a bat flies in when I open the door for my guests?" No more excuses—it's on THIS MONTH.


Also this month—I'm going back to the links; my "posse" and I are going to show the rest of the 707 how it's done. I dabbled in golf four years ago, and unless you count the kind of golf where mechanical gorillas roam, I haven't picked up a club since. That will change soon.


In 2011 Tammy and I will finally lock eyes. And arms. And that's it, you pervs. ( We've been online and phone friends for seven years, separated not only by 500+ miles of desert and $3.33/gallon gas, but by my own lack of desire to travel. Well, now I've got the desire, and in the early summer when San Diego is at her best (so I've been told by a handful of folks) I'll grace it with my presence. I may or may not even tell Tammy when I'm coming; part of me just wants to hop from behind her trash cans and shout "BOO!" Stay tuned...


As my body begins its slow surrender to 30 years worth of metabolic abuse, I have made a self-promise to play as much softball as I possibly can this year. This means weekends with the Meetup gang, of course, but also midweek games with Ryan's league and any other pickup games I can bribe my way into. ("Yes, I know I don't work for Abe's Appliances, but I once sat a drink on one. Can I play?")


When I think of all the softball I missed in 2010, especially the early summer games played in bright sunshine while I was back east for two months, I grunt in regret—not that I'm here to talk about the past.

Just don't know how much longer my achy knees will hold up my massive frame, and I intend to get every last morsel of power out of them before they go Metrodome on me.


And in closing, I want to take three friends and visit the mysterious Black Star Canyon in Irvine. The book Weird California  interviewed several people who have made the voyage, and all of them basically pissed their pants out of fear and vowed to never return. Which makes it all the more attractive to me! I've talked to a few friends about going and they seemed open to the idea. If you'd like a spot in my ride and don't mind having a loaded gun in the car...hit me up.


2011 will be a year of action, not retraction. 
Hope you'll join in on the fun.
Merry Everyone, and Happy Circumstances!

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