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2013: Approaching The On-Ramp

(originally written 12/31/12)

Working toward long-term goals and continued personal improvement stand as Skillz' priorities in 2013 (the first year since 1987 where all four digits are different, btw). This past year I managed, with a little help from five magic pills a day, to literally eliminate the temper/anger outbursts which plagued my entire adult life and damaged several personal and professional relationships along the way. That will obviously have to continue. 

Having experienced a rueful experience with my 2nd alcoholic roommate in four years, I've decided to, with the exceptions of Alex or Chicken, forgo the idea of ever again cohabitating with another human being—lives will be saved with this decision. Now, my goal is to become a homeowner of some sort by age 40, and have a B.A. to hang on the wall by age 37. I'm not sure exactly which route I'll take to further this goal, but since this is all motivated by my desire to give Josie everything she needs and deserves, I won't lack for inspiration.

Daily immersion in the Rob, Arnie & Dawn radio show in '12 saddled me with a very bad habit—unabashed, indiscreet burping. At home, at work, in public, loud and shameless. I finally realized I'm too old to go through phases like this, so in 2013 any and all oral gas releases will be as silent and infrequent as possible. Sorry, friends. Especially Kelvy. I still feel bad about victimizing you so cruelly. But I'm not here to talk about the past.

In '12 I went to five baseball games, but for the 2nd straight year could not find the time/companionship to drop in on Oracle Arena. With the Warriors' days in Oakland numbered, and the team kickin' serious NBA butt, this issue will be corrected in the coming months. Lemme know if you wanna ride shotgun.

On a sports-related note, I promise you I'll play more than the five games of softball and zero games of football I played in '12, as well as to be more active in my hoop groop.

Two last goals to be met: rebuilding, an Internet buffet of pop culture, facts, sports, and all-round ridiculousness. Fred and I tentatively launched it last spring, but my medical issues put it permanently on the backburner. (See to get a general idea of what we're aiming for.)
Lastly, with dedication and effort, I feel Josie can be reading by her 4th birthday. After all, I was reading at age two and I'm an idiot; surely she has at least a chance. In fact, the whole year of 2013 will be about teaching—she is curious about everything and it's my job as her father to nurture her interests.

So goodbye to 2012, hello to 2013, Merry Everyone and Happy Circumstances.

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