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2017 49ers Complete Third Quarter

(originally written by D-Rock 12/4/17)

Seventy-five percent of the regular season is now in the books and the 49ers have shown some marked improvement.  Enough with the prelude, let's get right to it:



Arizona @ SF


They could have titled this game: "The Execution of Casey Jarrett" (and my dad would have definitely tuned in because he loves Westerns).  The game almost played out like a Western, in that, you have a Cowboy look-a-like being hunted down like a wounded coyote (where is this analogy going?  I honestly don't know!) and the odds are definitely against him.  I would have liked to say that this "Western" had a happy ending, but sometimes John Wayne had to die*.  This game was painful to watch and the fact that QB C.J. Beathard is still alive after the onslaught he had to endure is commendable.  C.J. pretty much had only two seconds in the pocket all day before he was put on his ass.  Some quick takeaways from the game:

- CB Ahkello Witherspoon has shown some significant improvement. (I believe I called him out previously but he has changed my tune.)

- Front Seven is continuing to improve.

- There were at least two helmet-to-helmet hits on C.J. that were unpenalized; I guess the officials don't call those unless your name is Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.





If there was any game on the schedule that the 49ers had their best chance at winning, it would be this game.  Well, the 49ers followed through, and were able to come away with their first win of the season.  The team  looked like they were running on all cylinders; everything seemed to be working for them.  WR Marquise Goodwin was one of the main talking points after the game because we found out that he and his wife lost their child that morning.  Not only did Goodwin score one of the longest touchdowns this season, but he had a solid block on TE Garrett Celek's touchdown.  I was happy for C.J. and wasn't surprised that he was able to lead the team to a win.  From what I've seen of him, I think he will be in the NFL for a long time.  Here are some quick takeaways:  

- S Adrian Colbert lookin' nasty!  I am very pleased with what I'm seeing of him.  There's a good chance he and Jaquiski Tartt will be the starting safeties next year.

- Kendrick Bourne showed some potential in this game; he's a big body receiver who could possibly develop into a favorite target for the 49ers QB.

- Poor officiating once again; blatant DPI missed on FB Kyle Juszczyk; Juszczyk called for holding when he did nothing of the sort.

- Ben McAdoo (then-Giants coach) looks like he bathes in grease.



Seattle @ SF


I had high hopes going into this game.  When the 49ers played Seattle on their home turf, it was a close game throughout.  I was expecting another nail-biter game but with the edge favoring the 49ers because the Seattle secondary had been depleted and ripe for the picking.  Unfortunately, C.J. had to play without OT Trent Brown's help in a game reminiscent of the Arizona game three weeks prior.  The offense couldn't get anything going, and the very punchable Seattle QB Russell Wilson (have I ever mentioned how much I hate this guy?) was able to keep plays going and moved the ball down the field despite valiant efforts by the 49ers defense.  My quick takeaways:

- Some more poor officiating; CB Dontae Johnson called for DPI unjustifiably.

- C.J. uncharacteristically was missing his targets high.

- Jimmy Garoppolo comes in for an injured C.J. during the final minutes and looks good; touchdown throw to WR Louis Murphy causes many a 49er fan to spontaneously jizz in their pants.



SF @ Chicago


Coach Kyle Shanahan made the decision to start Jimmy G for this game; the stars seemed to align for this moment.  With C.J. getting injured near the end of the previous game and with Jimmy G having a sort of homecoming, it was almost as if the Fates intervened.  Jimmy G, playing with a modified playbook, was able to get the offense rolling in this game.  Although he was unable to punch it in the end zone throughout the game, I was happy with what I saw of him.  He showed poise, he's got a freakin' lightning-quick release, and he's pretty damn accurate!  Oh my gosh, could he be The One? 


I will admit I am conflicted.  I personally lean toward the home-grown talent (C.J. was drafted into the organization while Jimmy G was acquired in a trade) so part of me wants C.J. to eventually win the starting job.  But if Jimmy G shows that he can carry this team, then of course I will be on board.  I'm anxious to see how the rest of this season plays out.  It's starting to get really exciting now that the 49ers have talent at the QB position for years to come.  The only quick takeaway from this game is WR Trent Taylor; I love this dude.




*John Wayne played at least seven characters who died in film. 

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