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2020: Approaching The On-Ramp

(originally written 3/19/20)

Well, we actually took the on-ramp and have driven about 10 miles down the road of 2020. Rather than discuss what's already gone down these first 79 days of the year, I'll use this space to share what I aim to achieve over the remaining eight months.

(Some of this, of course, hinges on COVID-19 restrictions being lifted. Let's all assume, and hope, life has returned to normal beginning April 1.)


In 2020, I intend to see a number of my 408 pals I haven't seen in some time including Zin, Ash, Damien, and several others. Damien and I have already had plans done in by COVID-19, but neither of us is ready to give up on a reunion. Besides...he's got what amounts to a birthday gift for me!
Speaking of birthday, I'll reach #40 in four short days. Original plans called for a night out at the shiny new Chase Center, but since there's no NBA right now, I'll most likely celebrate by doing what I do best...overeating.

As a 40-year-old, not to judge any others, but I'll feel a bit long in the tooth to still be collecting baseball cards. While I'll still present and talk about them here on TSR, I do not intend to buy any more new ones. It would feel weird to collect and fawn over photos of dudes half my age making 10 times any salary I've ever earned.

Also, having resumed semi-regular gym attendance in early 2020, I intend to increase my workouts once everything has returned to normal. Thanks to Dave for getting me off my butt and actually doing something about my staggering weight gain...I won't let him down.

This summer, I intend to send Josie to Girl Scout camp. I don't know how or where just yet, but I know it's time for her to spend extensive time away from home with people her own age. She's become one with her cell phone and our computer over the past year, to the detriment of her development in my opinion. A little extra learning and, hopefully, bonding is definitely in order.

When I got out of the loony bin in late 2018, I quickly dived headlong into home-cooked meals. Was once again prolific at making magic from scratch, as I had once been during my relationship days. 

Then Josie moved in full-time and I became pressed for time—home cooking took a back seat. But I will be back in the kitchen sooner rather than later, taking full advantage of the half-dozen or so cookbooks in my drawer that have gathered dust these past 12 months. (And YES, I'll save some for you.)

As much as I enjoyed the 2019 49ers (whose Super Bowl run, I'll remind you, I predicted way back in Week 2), I was not able to see every minute of every game for the first time in a while—they were on in prime time a lot. In 2020, I will catch every last second of Niner dominance, even without DeForest Buckner, and I will give my semi-annual Top 16 Plays at year's end. And you will enjoy it—it's always terrific.

Lastly, in 2020 I'll continue to work on being the best me I can be. In the beginning of last decade I was plagued by immaturity, and at times I could be plain annoying (which I didn't even recognize it at the time). Toward the end of last decade, depression and anxiety reigned strong, and I pretty much lost myself. 
Now I'm in a good (enough) place. I've grown up and grown out of old behaviors, and the mental issues of the recent past seem to be under control, by and large. All I'm hoping for in 2020 is to maintain this (however limited) momentum. I want to be a useful, functional human being. And most importantly...I finally think I can.

Let's all get through this coronavirus mess and get on with our lives...empty San Francisco is plain creepy.

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