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2021: Approaching The On-Ramp

(originally written 12/30/20)

I'm not sure why I'm even writing one of these for 2021, because it is possible that literally everything I'd like to do in 2021 won't be possible because of that damn virus.

Not being pessimistic, just realistic. From what I understand, it'll be a while—perhaps a long while—before gyms, parks, etc. fully re-open without limitations. And vaccines won't be distributed to regular (not in the medical field), semi-young, healthy people such as myself for some time. 

(I don't keep up with virus-related developments daily; I keep up with NBA and MLB boxscores daily. So if what I just said is false or incomplete, don't hesitate to educate me.)

And if that's true, my goal of returning to the gym and hoop court may have to wait until 2022 or later. Outside of about 10 gym visits early in the year (thanks for the support, Dave) and a few online workouts in July (thanks for the support, Jon), I hardly exercised all year and finished up near my heaviest all-time weight.

I really want to visit the Golden State Warriors' new arena in San Francisco. That is unlikely to happen in 2021, especially since obtaining a ticket there will probably be impossible if/when fans are allowed to return. Unless, of course, the Warriors continue to play like a G-League assembly—crappy play got me in SF Giants FanFest with no difficulty. It could work for the Chase Center!

It's easy to take for granted things we can do at practically anytime, like visiting our family and friends. Whenever that damn virus is no longer controlling everything, I intend to spend at least five days out of 2021 parked firmly on the couches of valued friends, slurping beer and ingesting delicious meats. Yes, I'm talking to you, Thompsons.

2021 Topps is slated to be, well, horrifically ugly. I doubt I'll collect it, but then again, I doubted I'd collect 2020 Topps too, and yet...there it is on my shelf.

Late in '20, I took my first real steps in returning to a good company I left years ago after an anxiety episode, Amazon. It was surprising they'd even consider me, considering how abruptly I left them back in 2017. But it seems they do still have room for big, strong guys with experience—online shopping is through the roof thanks to COVID limitations—so when I get myself mentally together and tie up some loose ends early in 2021, I'll soon be at your door bearing goodies! (But not the vaccine.)

In 2021, I've GOT to get my kid out in society more. No school since March 2020 and very limited in-person friend time has got her glued—actually, welded—to her various screens. I always prided myself on showing my kid the "world" as she grew up and I've got to figure out a way to resume that while working around the limitations imposed by our well-intentioned Governor.

In closing, I am begging 95.7 The Game to not rid itself of any more hosts I enjoy. They let Greg Papa get away in mid-2019. They let Rick Tittle go in late 2019 for no reason, just as I was getting used to him. Joe Fortenbaugh split in July 2020, probably to keep from being axed, too. Lorenzo Neal (yes, that one) was demoted to guest host. In 2021, Game, whatever your first impulse the opposite. Before you run out of half-decent on-air talent.

Happy New Year.

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