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2021: In The Rearview Mirror

(originally written 1/18/2022)

I'm a little late with this end-of-the-year review, but what can I say? I've been busy.
Or tired.
Or unmotivated.
Or all of the above.

The story of my 2021 is one of fatigue. Far too often during the year, I simply could not stay awake during leisure time without downing an Adderall. It didn't matter how much I'd slept, or if I'd taken any of my other medications, what the temperature was, what I was trying to do or what else I'd consumed—if I was home, and it was 2pm, my eyelids were going to grow heavier than one of Charlie Baileygates' sons.

Battling my constant drowsiness, I fell weeks behind on TSR updates more than once during 2021. We (me and my medical team) never figured out the exact cause, but I'm fairly sure my expanding waistline played a role. At last check, I'd swollen up to an all-time high of 389 pounds and few of my pants still fit. My jackets wouldn't zip. Even my shoes were tougher to step into.

Once my pals, especially Hirday aka "Dhillo", found out just how "fluffy" I'd become, they more or less demanded I make changes. By the end of 2021, Rockstar was no longer allowed past my lips. I was to stop using delivery services for restaurants and groceries, and instead walk my ass to the shops like I used to until early 2018. 
The bike and weights sitting by my window? They were to be used again or else. My boy Juan even offered to pay my gym fees if I would just go. Once I fully catch TSR back up and handle some other business, I'm likely accepting that offer. In the meantime, I've played a little basketball, which I've barely done since steps.

Something I hadn't done since 2017: played softball. During the fall of 2021, my boys and I got the itch and before I knew it, I was organizing a November game/BBQ extravaganza. With the help of my longtime dawg Dave (planning) and his wife Maria plus her cousin (cooking), just about everything went smoothly—though my softball skillz had eroded to about 27% of their 2017 level and I displayed the speed of melting candle wax.

In 2021, thankfully, death didn't make weekly visits to those in my world as it had in late 2020. I did lose two old friends from high school: ShaVonce, who I'd reconnected with and talked LOTS of sports with on Facebook, and Eric, who I'd known back in the day and resumed touch with in 2016. The father of my bud Dan passed on in December.  My friends the Pezzottis said goodbye to their longtime pup Rocksee over the summer. We also lost two mystery snails and a goldfish.
May all of them rest in peace.

Somebody I wouldn't have minded meeting their maker: my new across-the-hall neighbors, who robbed me (and our surrounding tenants) of peace and quiet with regularity throughout the first quarter of 2021. Loud music, partying, arguing, frequent visitors—it could, and DID, happen at literally any time of the day or night until one glorious day in March when a three-hour argument led to one loud scumbag receiving the boot.

After that, things drastically improved for the rest of 2021. It was from perfect, mind you, and I still go to bed on alert for SOME type of disruption. But at least the 4am fights ended and way fewer randoms dropped by to "visit". 

In the first half of 2021, my ex and I agreed I would keep Josie full-time as she participated in distance learning (online school). In the second half of 2021, I nearly resumed full-time custody by way of the State of California due to what amounted to an overreaction by a concerned party. After an investigation, the custody situation was left unchanged, much to Josie's relief—I might be her preferred parent but she loves and needs her mama, too.

I returned to Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, in July 2021 after a three-plus year absence brought on by brain-dead drunken losers who tainted my last visit to the ballpark. This time, though a couple youths had to be "straightened out" by ballpark staff, it was an overall pleasant experience except for the Giants getting punked by the lowly Pirates.

That was one of very few times the Giants were punked by anyone during the 2021 season; this very special club shocked the nation by winning 107 games and the division title! I was fully on board for a long postseason run, but the Dodgers had other ideas—the sudden end to San Francisco's run rendered me near-catatonic until the following morning. Curse that bastard Rockies pitcher who broke Brandon Belt's hand just before the playoffs...

Speaking of sports, in April 2021 I somehow got it in my head that 95.7 The Game's evening show needed me to call in regularly to survive. I made four calls over a couple of weeks, almost choking on my own nerves each time, then had enough. 
And in October, the show did indeed end...I'm such a bastard.

All in all, I'll remember 2021 for the rise of the Giants more than anything else. Personally, it was not a bad year for me; in spite of the damn coronavirus, I found ways to reconnect with several old friends and enjoyed much quality time with my regular crew. Josie turned 12, entered 6th grade and continued to amaze me with her thoughtfulness, warmth, intelligence and initiative. This website appears to be trending upward.

I'll take more of the same in 2022, but for Christ sake people, stay out of federal buildings nobody invited you to.

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