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About TSR

Who, What And Why Is TSR?

I wrote for a popular sports blog site off-and-on for about two years, until being suddenly dismissed for BS reasons some time ago.  Obviously something more was at play, and rather than embark on a covert mission to uncover the truth, I decided to be my own boss. Knowing my status won't be in the hands of mysterious faces I'll never lay eyes on who can ax me whenever the spirit moves them: incredible.


Hence, in April 2014 was born. Here, I can be as creative as I want, or as bland as I want. Topics are not limited to just sports—which is key for someone like me with opinions/experiences on a variety of topics. TSR features everything from baseball cards to an advice column to even a regular comic strip. There is also a section devoted to coverage of Bay Area road construction projects.


My goal is to grow this site into the (very) poor man's—light years away at the moment, but all journeys begin with a single step (or whatever that quote was.)


I've been known as "Skillz" for 25+ years, dating back to 8th grade, and this is my report. Ideally, you'll have TSR updates no later than every other day, although the challenges of work and fatherhood may interfere. I'm a Giants/49ers/Warriors fan, and most —but certainly not all—sports articles will tie to those franchises.


About the only thing more important to me than sports: my daughter Josie. A section is dedicated to our journey together as father and daughter. Being her dad is an honor, and I'm choosing to share the experience with you.


You may love this site, or think it's a total waste. I'm confident the former will outweigh the latter and will work hard to keep you coming back for more. If you'd like to contribute, email me.

The TSR Crew


Skillz is TSR's co-advisor, Drunk Jon co-creator, lead blogger and primary Memes supplier. It is his Night Visions that are found on TSR.

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Life Is Precious Co-Host

Fletch is also my cousin. See the photo above? That's often what his facial expression is reduced to as he struggles to cope with the idiocy of today's society. 

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TSR Terminology

(mostly baseball-related)

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D-Rock is one of the funnier dudes I know. On the first day we met, I accidentally stole his softball bat before realizing my goof...D-Rock forgave me.

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Night Visions Artist

ROBCASS0 also contributes similar artwork for When not creating masterpieces, the retired baseball commissioner and Army vet enjoys golf and the Dallas Cowboys.

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Life Is Precious Co-Host

Flo is my beloved aunt. She's real tall and in her spare time, she yaks on the phone with her sister for hours.

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Drunk Jon Co-Creator

Chicken, my longtime dawg, is the co-creator of Drunk Jon, even if it was accidental at the time. He supplies strip ideas and the occasional artwork. In his spare time, he shaves his head and drinks beer.

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  • _Y/$_M = _Years/$_Millions. Substitute K for Thousands.

  • T(number) or B(number) = top or bottom of inning

  • received run = received playing time

  • UCL surgery = ulnar collateral ligament (of the elbow) surgery, aka "Tommy John" surgery

  • ALE/NLE = American/National League East

  • ALC/NLC = American/National League Central

  • ALW/NLW = American/National League West

  • IL = injured list

  • DL = disabled list (the injured list's former name)

  • DFA'd = designated for assignment (a baseball transaction taking players off rosters for seven days while his team figures out what to do with him). May also appear as D4A'd in older pages until I perform edits

  • MiLB = Minor League Baseball




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