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6/21/22 Tales From The Taxi

5/26/22 Skillz: Popular With Weirdos Again

11/7/20 Remembering The Summer Of 2020

4/15/20 When I Get To Heaven

4/15/20 That Time I Got Accused

4/20/19 NO SOAP FOR YOU!

12/19/18  Who IS This Guy?

12/13/18 I Didn't Die, Three Months Later

9/25/18  SOBway Sandwiches?

9/21/18  Loony Bin, Meet Skillz Again

6/19/18  My Walk To Subway


10/19/17  My Shave-Free Summer/Fall, Day 150

8/23/17  Escape To Vegas  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

8/23/17  Stay On Guard...The Chubby Creeper Is On The Loose

8/23/17  Oh, I...Almost Died On Two Different Nights

8/23/17  My Shave-Free Summer, Day 86

7/30/17  My Shave-Free Summer, Day 62

7/17/17  My Shave-Free Summer, Day 49

7/14/17  My Shave-Free Summer, Day 46


7/26/16   Jesus Christ

7/8/16     Why I Wept Last Night

6/1/16      Why Do Older Men Keep Approaching Me?

5/13/16    Grave Searchers, Iron Fists, Superhero Scuffles SOLD For One Dollar!

5/11/16     Dead Because Of Me

4/19/16     Hey Kid, That Ain't Yours

4/17/16    The Best Laid Plans Go Awry

1/28/16    Effective Immediately

1/8/16      The Reduction 1.5: Day 390-Something Update


12/30/15  Hey! Cut That Out!

11/26/15  Glasses

6/1/15      An Ass: I Was, Was I, And I Wasn't

5/12/15    Like A Vagrant...Jumped For The More Than First Time

4/22/15    When Your Daughter Tries To Kill You

4/22/15    Preparation

4/8/15      The Playlist: Part One  Part Two

4/7/15      The Reduction 1.5: Substantial Progress!

3/24/15    Changing For The Better


12/17/14  Surviving The Storm Of The Decade

12/17/14  Dealing With A Guy Who Screwed You Over

11/19/14  How My Stomach Ruined An Old Man's Day

8/10/14   What Are You Looking At, Sir?

7/21/14   2014 Oakland Athletics Experience 

6/24/14   Dealing With Hurt

6/4/14    Goodbye to Angie The Fish 

4/26/14  Shoulda Stayed In Bed 


6/24/13  Annoying Phone Calls

4/18/13  A Major Decision...Sure Hope It's The Right One.

3/18/13  My Father

2/23/13  Too Sick To Sleep

2/13/13  Well, What Can You Do? V3

2/11/13  So Long, Troubled Neighbors


12/29/12 Sandy Hook

10/14/12 What On Earth?

10/13/12 Six Months Later

10/8/12   Don't Bitch, Be A Snitch!

10/1/12   Stories From The DMV

10/1/12  Points

9/16/12  Sad Over Strangers

7/27/12  The Worst Teammate EVER

7/6/12    Heating Up

4/8/12    What Happened To You, Vallejo?

3/29/12  Third Floor South, Room 333

3/14/12  The Dangers Of Texting

3/10/12  One Life To Live: Sorely Missed Part 1 Part 2

3/5/12    Maybe There's Hope Yet

3/2/12    Josie's Sentence

3/1/12    Don't Talk To Strangers

2/19/12  Online Tough Guys

2/17/12  Stop The Presses: I Think I Might Be A Woman

2/9/12  Now I'm Gonna Heave This Up, Never Gonna Live This Down

2/9/12    Man Alive...ALIIIIIVE! Bad Service

1/30/12  The Blame Game

1/25/12  Peculiar Tykes At The Mall


12/20/11 You Better Run FOREVER, You Thieving Bastard.

12/20/11 The Coffee Is In Charge

12/12/11 Well, What Can You Do? V2

12/6/11   A Reality Check

11/27/11 "C" Is For Cookie: Best Video Ever

11/27/11 Skillz The FedEx Guy

11/15/11 SO Done With Wal-Mart

11/13/11 Scary Ass Bridge

7/11/11   Oh, Facebook

6/28/11   Choices & Blame 

6/16/11   Pine Cone Lizards, Psycho Cats, Weak Girlie-Men And The Closet Perv I Called Friend


5/30/11   Dude, Where's My Floor?

5/17/11   Well, What Can You Do? V1

5/15/11   Bye Bye, House Part 1  Part 2

5/6/11    10 Terms I'd Like To See Vanish...

5/6/11    ...and 10 Terms I'd Like To See Flourish

4/16/11   How NOT To React To Impressive Cleavage

3/22/11   Pregnant...From Eye Contact? It's True.

1/28/11  I'm Asking You Baby, Why I'm Lyyyyin' In Puke

1/3/11     Is Any Girl Crazy For An Arm-Less Man?


12/23/10 Please Please Tell Me Now...Was It Something He Should Know?

12/17/10  Sue-Sue-Sudio

12/3/10  How Am I Gonna Say...Goodbye To You?

11/24/10  Because Your Kiss Is On My List...Of Dumb Ways To End Life

11/16/10 Another Sunday Spent Paralyzed. Thanks, Alex.

11/16/10   How Good To Be So Alone

11/16/10  Stop The Presses: I Think I Might Be Weird

10/26/10 Does I Believe In God? Let's Find Out

9/29/10 I'll Vote Brown. No, Whitman. No, Coleman.

9/25/10 Hungry For Nothing Cuz I'm Sick For Free

9/23/10  I AM Here To Talk About The Past!

9/22/10   Love Made Me Do Something Crazy

9/2/10     OMG I Hate Being 30.

8/31/10   A Blog About My Daughter...And Fear

6/22/10   Wonder Who's Dying Now

1/20/10   Not Sending To Haiti

1/20/10   This Scene Got To Me


7/31/09   Farewell, Old Friend

12/31/08 Women

12/22/08 This Is Who You're Friends With

12/21/08 How To Beat The Cold, Skillz-Style

5/4/08     A Salute To Smoke

3/12/08   Loss

1/21/07   What Mike Missed

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