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Ex-Giants Around The League, 2010

(originally written 4/1/10)

Keeping up with some of those who got away, whether to our dismay or delight:

⦁    Randy Winn (a Giant from 2005-2009) now holds down RF at New Yankee Stadium. Expect him to hit the D.L. by May with a neck strain suffered while watching balls soar over the wall at this launching pad.
⦁    Brad Penny (2009), who so superbly filled the gaping hole in the Giants’ rotation when Randy Johnson went down, will toe the rubber for the Cardinals.
⦁    Bob Howry and Justin Miller (both 2009) signed with Arizona and the Dodgers, respectively, but Miller did not win a spot on L.A.’s roster.
⦁    Rich Aurilia (1995-2003, 2007-2009), Randy Johnson (2009), Scott Eyre (2002-2005), and longtime ace Jason Schmidt (2001-2006) have all, in essence, retired—though Aurilia has not done so formally.  Johnson wouldn’t shock me at all if he still recorded 150 K’s or so from his couch.
⦁    Tyler Walker (2004-2006, 2007-2008) will now soak through the “Natinals” uniform.
⦁    After back-to-back World Series appearances with the Phillies, Pedro Feliz (2000-2007) signed with the Astros.
⦁    The great Omar Vizquel (2005-2008) will carry on his career as a reserve for the White Sox. He is one of only three active players to have played in the 1980’s (if you exclude Gary Sheffield, Tom Gordon and John Smoltz, who have not retired but are not on any roster).
⦁    Ryan Garko (2009) signed with Seattle but was acquired by Texas during the spring.
⦁    Kevin Frandsen (2006-2009) recently traded to Boston, and ex-prospect Boof Bonser each expectedly failed to win spots with the Red Sox. Same for Pat Misch (2006-2009) and the Mets.
⦁    Speaking of Bonser, here’s an update on the other hurlers we gave away in the Pierzynski disaster:  Joe Nathan (1999-2003) will miss the year following elbow surgery. But Francisco Liriano has clinched Minnesota’s fifth starter spot.
⦁    Relievers Alan Embree (1999-2001), Matt Herges (2003-2005), Jamey Wright (2006), and LaTroy Hawkins (2005) spent the spring with Boston, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Milwaukee, respectively. Only Wright and Hawkins made their teams. Only Hawkins had a major-league contract.
⦁    Yorvit Torrealba (2003-2005), ex-backup catcher who’d become a Giants enemy when he stole on and later scored against Steve Kline (hurting his ERA unnecessarily) in a blowout Giants win, is now a Padre after four years with the Rox.
⦁    Livan Hernandez (1999-2002) and Shawn Estes (1995-2001), ex-horses on the inaugural AT&T Park team, signed minor league deals with the Nats. Estes was cut weeks ago; I cannot find out Livan’s status but he isn’t on their 40-man roster or D.L. as of today.
⦁    Brett Tomko (2004-2005), a talented but inconsistent former starter, was in camp with Oakland and assigned to the minors on injury rehab.
⦁    Ex-Padre Khalil Greene, who regularly devastated the Giants while in SD, signed with Texas this past offseason, but due to off-field personal problems will not be on their roster. As a person, I’m sad for him. As a Giants fan…I don’t miss him, but I’m still kinda sad for the guy.
⦁    Wade LeBlanc, the no-name Padre lefty who buzzed through our lineup not once, but TWICE last season, will at least start 2010 in the minors. Gotta think of some way to KEEP HIM THERE FOREVER…

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