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Giants BATSMEN, 12/3/10

(originally written 12/3/10)

At first I was going to refrain from explanation and let you the readers figure out what BATSMEN meant. Then I had the wise realization you do not come to PSB for riddles; you come to satiate your baseball cravings.

BATSMEN is an acronym for the Giants subject matter to be found in BATSMEN columns:

⦁    Birthdays (pretty obvious)
⦁    Appearances (where our Giant personnel will be visiting)
⦁    Tune In (what to watch on TV, what to listen to on radio, what to read and where to click)
⦁    Sundry (which means miscellaneous, basically. I only learned that word a couple of months ago in some political article I read and finally have a use for it.)
⦁    Movement(also known as transaction)
⦁    Eavesdroppings (what I pick up on Twitter and my other sources)
⦁    News (pretty obvious)

Now that we’re on the same page…

KNBR, the Giants’ radio flagship, is doing its part to keep the torturous, yet magical 2010 season fresh in our minds. Among the heavy hitters interviewed in recent weeks: RP Sergio Romo, who may just be THE cheeriest man in North America. Romo told Marty Lurie that he shares “Fear The Beard” creative credit with Brian Wilson, and that when slumping he never worried about being “THE 8th-inning guy”—doing his part to help SF win took priority and he was just thankful for his MLB opportunity. In spite of his Dodger-rooting family, it was IMPOSSIBLE to not dig this guy. 

Also, Bruce Bochy praised Andres Torres as the guy who “makes us go”, while describing Darren Ford as “intriguing”—but in need of more AAA seasoning.

Cody Ross sat down with Bob Fitzgerald and Rod Brooks (of KNBR-San Francisco's Fitz & Brooks Show) where he admitted to pressing after coming over from Florida. Additionally, he said Wilson attributed the darkness of his beard on “being out in the sun a lot."

Finally, the newly-resigned Aubrey Huff was in-studio with KNBR the evening of said re-signing—and according to host F.P. Santangelo, he actually brought the contract with him! He expressed being more nervous in game #162 then he was in the NLDS, that the Giants knew their win was secure after going up 2-0, and that team chemistry should never be dismissed as “crap”. 

Torres and Romo will be Honorary Grand Marshals in the San Jose Holiday Parade 8:30 a.m. on Sunday 12/5; they will then appear at the Valley Fair Giants Dugout Store at 12:30—first 200 will receive autographs. If that’s not all, the duo will appear at AT&T Park Holiday Heroes at 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday 12/7. The event benefits a number of organizations sponsored by the Wender Weis Foundation for Children and will have arts and crafts stations, holiday cookie decorating, candy house decorating, costumed characters, food and beverages, interactive activities, a silent auction and more. It IS costly, however: the cheapest solo reservation costs $195. It’s for a  good cause, though…

More off-season activities: tours of AT&T Park are available daily, at either 10:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. If you can’t get to FanFest (where free tours are given) or can’t wait that long, call 415-972-2400 or visit I’ve posted a pricing chart below:

Adults $12.50  Seniors (55 & over) $10.50  Kids (12 and under) $7.50  2 and Under Free  

The SF Giants 2011 Fantasy Camp takes place from January 23-30, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The cost: $4K—although $200 is subtracted if you handle your own travel/accommodations, another $200 for returnees and $100 for each tagalong you bring (up to four). The camp is owned/run by Bill Laskey, Giants RHP in the early 1980’s; visit for more info.

Miguel Tejada, as you’ve likely heard by now, will man shortstop for the Giants in 2011. Tejada did carry one of 2010’s most memorable moments—in Game 162 against San Diego, with San Fran up 2-0 in the 7th, Ramon Ramirez dramatically whiffed him to end the inning, stranding the tying runs on base. Santangelo shared a humorous story from their A’s days, when the young Tejada—still getting the hang of English—would return to the dugout after poor AB’s and angrily and sarcastically yell to himself “way to swing the f---ing ball!”’s Jerry Crasnick wrote a moving piece on the death of ex-Giant Kevin Correia’s little brother Trevor in mid-2010. 

Earlier in the season I featured daily birthdays of current and some former Giants, but got away from it as the season wore on. Starting this week it’s back: 

11/28:  Robb Nen (41) Matt Williams (45) John Burkett (46) Dave Righetti (52)
11/29:  Joe Price (56)
11/30: Carlos Valderrama (33) Ray Durham (39) Mark Lewis (41) 
12/1: Kirk Rueter (40) Reggie Sanders (43) 
12/3: Darryl Hamilton (46) Damon Berryhill (47)
12/4: Jerome Williams (29) Pat Sheridan (53). 

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