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General Report

This section is devoted to the rising tally of non-normal people and interactions I've been privy to these past few years. Everything you read there is true, not a Night Vision, not a fable, 100% authentic...I couldn't make this stuff up!

I, Skillz, read several advice columns, mostly to make fun of the simple issues people fret over, and their lack of the courage needed to solve problems directly. The columnists offer quality, logical advice but sometimes, thinking outside of the box is necessary, especially when dealing with folks who are soaked in cowardice and bereft of ample intelligence. Few do it better than Skillz & D-Rock.


Am I saying I'm better than these folks? Well, yes. But if they listen to the wisdom D-Rock and I dispense, the gap could be considerably narrowed. If you need your own advice, click here to contact us. 

Ever since I was old enough to speak, I've always carried a great interest in roads and anything to do with their construction/operation/maintenance. 


Though sports eventually cecame my primary vice, I never completely lost interest. Today, I closely follow all road improvement/modification projects in the San Francisco Bay Area—completed, underway, planned and proposed.


The purpose of this section is to keep YOU informed of all things road/rail-related in the SFBA.

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