Giants 2012: Extend Division Lead Over Dodgers

(originally written 9/7/12)

A little San Francisco Giants talk:


  • Now up 5.5 games on the Dodgers thanks to a solid effort by Tim Lincecum (who's gone from 3-10, 6.42 on July 8 to 8-14, 5.11 as of today) and clutch hitting by Marco Scutaro vs. the tough Josh Beckett, the Giants—according to CSN Bay Area baseball analyst Bip Roberts—have to "win games" in order to make the playoffs.


  • I like Bip very much; he's usually on point. And I know the point he was trying to make. But when in baseball history has a motivational speech began with, "Now, guys, if we go out there and lose today and tomorrow, a playoff spot is ours. When you take that field I wanna see sluggishness as well as distraction and unpreparedness. I'll do my part—we're gonna use two shortstops and no first baseman." Come on, Bip. You can do better than that.


  • Is it just me, or did Shane Victorino appear to bunt himself out on purpose in frustration over the second strike call yesterday? Par for the course for a guy who seems to complain about a called strike every single game he plays.


  • Brad Penny has yet to enter a game with the Giants leading; they've all been ties or trails. His overall numbers are ugly, but his worst outings have come in games the Giants were well on their way to losing anyway. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I still have confidence in the big fella—more so than I do Clay Hensley and Willie Mota, in fact.


  • Some Giants win-loss breakdowns: 14-7 since losing the will-not-be-named suspended left fielder. 23-16 since acquiring Marco Scutaro. 22-13 since acquiring Hunter Pence. And 4-2 since bringing up Xavier Nady, an underrated move for a talented player who'd probably own a couple of All-Star appearances if not for his dubious health history. Meanwhile, L.A. is 20-21 withHanley Ramirez and just 4-8 since the mega trade with Boston, a record likely to dip further with Matt Kemp's shoulder ailing.


  • Eli Whiteside has reached base three times as a Giant this year and scored all three times.


  • Just once, I'd like to see post a preview article link reading something other than "(Starting pitcher) looks to (end losing streak/continue winning streak) against (opponent)." It's common knowledge, as noted above, that no team goes into any game looking to lose.


  • Nady, briefly, was a member of the San Francisco Giants' All-NFL team before switching his No. 68 for No. 12. (Also on the team: No. 75 Barry Zito, No. 87 Dan Otero, No. 70 George Kontos, No. 79 Jean Machi, Nos. 61 Livan Hernandez and Shane Loux, and No. 65 Steve Edlefsen.


  • Nate Schierholtz, playing regularly for Philadelphia before landing on the DL in mid-August, is back healthy and recorded a pinch-hit single Sept. 8 to break an 0-for-15 slump. 67-71 overall, the Phils are 9-7 when he plays. Good luck to Nate the Great. Mean it.


  • A few years ago, Panda Sandoval mixed it up with then-Dodger (and now-Pirate) James McDonald. Earlier this week he got into it with Arizona's John McDonald. There's a joke in there about avoiding McDonalds; you tell it.


  • Mike Krukow: if you're reading this, PLEASE go back to regularly "eliminating" fans during lulls in the action. I'll PAY you. Let's Go, Giants!