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Give & Go: 49ers 2013 Preseason Game 1

(originally written by D-Rock 8/9/13)

Last night, the Niners and Broncos played in their first preseason game of 2013.  It wasn't the most entertaining as far as preseason games go (and that's saying a lot), but it was still good to see what the Niners have in backup talent.  I will go over the bright spots, NOT-so-bright spots, and offer any other notes I have.
Bright Spots

  • -Kaep and the other starters were in good form; Kaep went 4-for-4 and was a smooth decision-maker.

  • Vance McDonald was impressive; he had four catches for 66 yards; he missed a couple of throws, but overall I'm happy with what I saw.

  • Ian Williams held his own as the NT; he had some push and looked athletic; Ray McDonald said in a press conference recently that Williams is an upgrade over Sopoaga and Jean-Francois; yeah, of course someone is gonna say that about their teammate, but the thing is I'm sure he genuinely believes it.

  • Parys Haralson reminded me how good of a player he is; he missed all of the 2012 regular season due to a torn tricep; having him back to help out on the front seven this season will make the Niners more formidable than they've already been.

  • Corey Lemonier is learning new responsibilities as an OLB because he played DE in college; he showed some good stuff last night and I'm looking forward to seeing what he becomes.

  • Perrish Cox was busy last night as he played as a DB and as a return man. Cox has a good size on him and he showed great athleticism; I think he'll play a big role this year.


Not-So-Bright Spots

  • Not only did the backup QBs have trouble moving the ball, they also had trouble moving me;  it was painful watching them perform. I'm looking for them to show more crispness/finesse in the next few preseason games because I want some assurances that the team will be in good hands if Kaep goes down.

  • D.J. Harper looked terrible; with so many RBs on the roster right now, coupled with Harper's performance last night, he should start making arrangements to clear out his locker; it speaks volumes that they gave Dixon so many carries last night after Harper fumbled.

  • A.J. Jenkins; if your name consists of two initials, one of them being the letter "J" then it's not looking so good for you right now; someone tell B.J. Daniels to change his name if he wants to make the team. Ugh, Jenkins looked really lost out there last night; he definitely didn't show any glimmer of hope.

  • Phil Dawson missed a 44-yarder and looked bad doing it; it wasn't even close; I am glad that he had the three FG attempts, but i just couldn't help but flash back to David Akers when i saw Dawson's wobbly mess of a try from the 30 yard line. 



  • Anthony Dixon got a whole bunch of carries last night. Not sure why he carried the ball so much; did Harper get injured or was he being punished? Is Jewel Hampton nursing an injury or are they giving Dixon a good look because he's on the bubble?

  • The Niners tried a bunch of different guys at kick and punt return duties; Cox was the one that stood out the most; the others didn't get much of an opportunity.

  • Ricardo Lockette made a good play on special teams but it didn't look like he saw a lot of time as a WR; definitely not a good sign for him.

  • Nnamdi got one or two tackles last night. Didn't notice how well he did in coverage; I don't think he played a lot.

  • No Okoye sightings last night; not even on the sideline.

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