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Know Your NBA Movement, 2020-21

(originally written 11/19/20)

Has it really been six years since one of these has appeared on Wow. Now that the 2020 NBA Draft has come and gone, and all the wheeling and dealing that goes with it is complete, you need to know who's gonna be where for the upcoming season. (At least at the beginning, anyway.) Chris Paul was the first big name to move, but will he be the last? 

Here in this slideshow, we've got notable NBA veterans joining new clubs for the upcoming season. Not only that, but TSR will also provide some numbers and a little insight into each move—this is more than just a list of names.

(Every last vet who changed teams will not be featured. Players who re-signed with their 2019-20 teams will not be featured.)

(Slideshow best viewed when clicked and enlarged)

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