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Livin' The Fantasy, 2020 Week 9

(originally written 11/8/20)

It's Week 9, and I'm 1-7 in each of my fantasy leagues. I've won only one more game than a guy who hasn't even set his lineup once yet all season. That is depressing.

(Refresher: my original league is the Alter Ego Dynasty (AED) with one buddy. My newest league is the Monkey6 with a host of buddies.)

It took two trades and numerous cuts, but I finally have some semblance of a real lineup in Monkey6. Is it a winning lineup? Well, since ancient Adrian Peterson is still my #1 running back, that is a resounding no. But it will at least compete, which at this point in the season is all I can ask for.

Where my major troubles lie is in the AED. I have never been this bad before, and I've never been hit with such rotten luck in any given week before.

I didn't enter the season with half a roster of Philadelphia players. I did have WR Alshon Jeffery and TE Zach Ertz, both of whom I've had for years. But as the season shook out and my roster failed me, I had to acquire a couple more Eagles: QB Carson Wentz and WR Travis Fulgham. As of late, not only did I have them, but I'd been counting on them (especially with Ertz and Jeffery out, perpetually in the latter's case.)

Week 9 is the Eagles' bye week. No Wentz, no Fulgham.
Week 9 is also the Cincinnati Bengals' bye week. No A.J. Green.

(If you read my previous Fantasy blog, you know that I'd previously dropped Green after nearly two seasons of low-to-no production. Green, obviously ticked over this, immediately went out and dominated, leading me to slap myself real hard and re-acquire him before anybody else noticed he was available. My poor record was beneficial in this instance.)

WR Deebo Samuel was already hurt, putting me down a grand total of four starters. WHOA—make that five, because RB Myles Gaskin hit IR after last Sunday's game. Damnit. Half my team.

But it gets worse.
WR Golden Tate, decent for me early in the year but unused lately, chose the worst possible week to start sounding off over his lack of touches. Worse yet, his frikkin' wife joined in as well. The hubbub led the Giants to leave Tate at home for Week 9—my last available WR when I finally needed him and needed him bad, and THIS is how I lose him?! Come ON. 

Tate wound up dropped for a WR who will actually play in Week 9...for some reason I still can't pull the plug on Jeffery.

I'm courageously posting my 2020 Week 9 starting NFL Fantasy Football lineup below and hoping that you remember that I am a human being with feelings before you spit out your food/drink laughing at my misfortune:

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