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What you'll find on the Videos page: Brawls. Bloopers. Injuries. Facials. (No, not those kind of facials.) Tearful retirements. Memorable speeches. Moments we will never forget from the world of sports, and other moments we may have forgotten long ago. New videos will be added regularly, so be sure and bookmark!

What's a meme, you ask? Well, on this site it could be anything—a funny cartoon, image, quote, sign—possibilities are endless. I'd never paid them much mind before 2013; now I frequently scour the Web in search of them. The best memes I find will be shared here on for your enjoyment.


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"Got any beeeer?"


Drunk Jon was created in 1994 by me with help from a good friend, "Chicken". It was completely by accident, yet 25 years later it still amuses us. Hopefully it will amuse you, too.


This isn't The Far Side, Doonesbury or any other comic that "makes you think". Drunk Jon is crudely drawn with even cruder jokes—by design. The strip is in no way a spoof of, connected to or inspired by any other strip or characters. It's just a cartoon about a chronically drunk man and his pets.


Drunk Jon contains alcohol abuse and violence, often directed at animals. If any content viewed in Drunk Jon offends you, too bad. There's nothing here you wouldn't see in Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes. It's just a dumb comic strip—lighten up.



REbound, Not INbound - 1/9/2010

Ri-Choo-Chet - 5/24/18

Nyjer's Upset With Volstad - 9/1/2010

Griffey Hits The Warehouse - 7/12/1993

Marcus Smart's Epic Flop - 4/22/2016

Yunel Escobar Vs. The BoSox - 5/25/2014

Baylor Gives Out At Home Plate, 3/3/2014

Hamilton Goes High For the Haul - 4/15/2016


The Spinal Assist - 1/1/2019

Maikel Franco Cries FOUL! - 7/14/2018

Kobe Bryant & Chris Childs Square Off - 4/2/2000

Gattis Goofs Houston Out Of The Inning - 4/19/2018

Bonds And Gagne's Epic Faceoff - 4/16/2004

There Are No Sure Outs - 4/7/2018

Ayton Loses His Ankles - 11/27/2018


Want Some More Outs, Seattle? - 7/26/2015

Jordan's Non-Dunk - 12/11/2013

G-Hill's Awesome Power - 5/11/2000

Weeks Takes One To The Cheeks - 4/13/2009

Nick Wasn't Real Quick - 7/8/2013

Call For The Left-Hander - 6/30/2018

The Walk-Into Double Play - 7/30/2014



Who Says I Got No Aim? - 3/28/1999

Pirates Fly, Too - 4/24/1998

No Bull? - 12/21/2012

Nicked By The Ball - 7/19/2015

A Gift From The Shift - 9/13/2013

AOUCHI! - 6/5/2014

Gardy Spoils The Party - 8/20/2016



LeBron Leaps Lucas - 1/29/2012

Clevenger Hurt - 4/13/2013

George Bell's Rough AB - 8/13/1986

Bad News Cubs - 7/12/1992

A Dunk Never Seen Before - 2/10/1996

Brignac Needs An IcePak - 5/12/2016

How Does It Feel, Joba? - 5/10/2009

Cameron/Beltran Collide - 8/11/2005




A-Rod vs. Varitek - 7/24/2004

A-Rod The Trespasser - 4/22/2010

A_Rod Wants It - 5/30/2007

Piazza's Plastic Pelt - 7/25/2007

Officially Injured - 1/10/2015

When The Streak Almost Ended - 6/6/1993

Enter At Your Own Risk - 6/29/1989

EP Is A Tad Bit Short - 12/3/2014



Sean Casey Makes A Mistake, 8/24/2006

David Ortiz Joins The Club, 9/12/2015

Infante Infirm, 4/7/2014

Broken-Down Ford, 3/7/2012

Lobaton Sticky Mask, 6/24/2014

Spider-Matthews, 7/1/2006

Neck-asio, 8/5/2011

Javale McGee Scampers Away, 2/6/2012




Kuroda Knocked Down, 8/15/2009

Big Mac Vs. Big Unit, 6/24/2007

Schierholtz Uses His Head, 8/25/2013

Another Rejection For Tyson Chandler, 12/13/2014

Sabo's Corked Bat, 7/29/1996

John Danks Is TOUGH, 6/18/2011

Tony Saunders Breaks Arm, 5/26/1999

Shaq's 3-Pointer, 2/26/1996

B.J. Upton/Evan Longoria Quarrel, 6/27/2010

The Big Unit Goes Yard, 9/19/2003

Punch AJ! 5/20/2006




Pedro's Role Reversal, 9/20/1996

C-Webb Schools Sir Charles, 11/16/1993

Santiago Casilla Goes Down, 5/21/2014

The Rookie vs. Reggie, 10/11/1978

500 For Manny, 5/31/2008

Ow, Paul!, 6/10/2010

Cardinals Come Apart #1, 10/27/1985

Cardinals Come Apart #2, 10/27/1985

Brock Holt's Defensive Skillz, 6/17/2014





Dave Winfield's 3000th Hit, 9/6/1993

The MoPete Miracle, 3/30/2007

Pirates Hurler Takes A BLOW, 4/24/2010

Dag Yabel! 8/31/2013

Seattle Refuses To Lose, 10/8/1995

One Throw, Two Outs, 10/4/2006

Marcus Camby HEAVES! 3/26/2012

The John McSherry Tragedy, 4/1/1996



Seagulls Ruin Coco's Chance, 6/11/2009

Corey Maggette Takes A Trip, 1/16/2009

Yadier Destroyed, 6/15/2008

Tony Fernandez Costly Error, 10/26/1997

Kerry Wood Retires Mid-Inning, 5/18/2012

Belle Takes Out Vina, 5/31/1996

Shaq/Barkley Tussle, 11/10/1999

Richie Sexson Hit In Face, 4/26/2004

Marte Beaned...And Stays In, 7/18/2014

Brain Fart Ball Girl, 8/19/2013



Doc Gooden's First Inning, 4/7/1984

Doc Gooden's ASG Debut, 7/10/1984

Doc Gooden's Home Run Pop

Doc Gooden's No-Hits Mariners, 5/11/1996

Doc Gooden Thrice Bombed By Tuffy Rhodes, 4/4/1994

Doc Gooden Drilled By Umpire's Throw, 4/26/1989

"Jackie" Chan-Ho Park? 6/5/1999

Carmelo Naps In Lane, 4/8/2010

Boggs Toes The Rubber, 8/9/1997

Tony Clark's Walkoff Drop, 6/21/2009

Mo Speights Airball Dunk, 12/26/2008




Gabe Kapler Injured On Homer, 9/14/2005

Shot Stuck On Hoop, 4/30/2013

Jose Guillen Can THROW, 7/27/1998

Omar Vizquel Wraps His Career, 10/3/2012

Vlad Hits A Bounced Pitch, 8/11/2009

Ted Lilly/John Gibbons Mix It Up, 8/21/2006

50-Year-Old Will Clark Goes Deep




Mike Matheny Is One Tough Dude, 5/26/1998

Benitez Triggers Major Brawl, 5/19/1998

Jeff Suppan's Baserunning Gaffe, 10/26/2004

Shaq Breaks Backboard #1, 2/7/1993

Shaq Breaks Backboard #2, 4/23/1993

Todd Helton Hidden Ball Trick, 9/19/2013

Hulse Takes On Angels Dugout, 10/3/1992




Ken Harvey Is Dangerous, 6/6/2004

Two Balls, One Field, 8/5/2014

Big Ben Delivers A Head Shot, 6/13/2014

Tyler Colvin Impaled By Bat, 9/19/2010

Baron Davis RIPS On Kirilenko, 5/11/2007

Bo Scales The Wall, 7/11/1990




Barry Bonds HR #700, 9/17/2004

Barry Bonds Drills ITPHR, 4/23/1997

Barry Bonds Chewed Out By Jim Leyland, Spring 1991

Barry Bonds HR #500, 4/17/2001

Barry Bonds Walk-Off Vs. Ray King, 8/19/2003

Barry Bonds Final Splash HR, 8/8/2007

Barry Bonds HR In First SF Home AB, 4/12/1993

Barry Bonds Homers In 7th Straight, 4/20/2004

Barry Bonds 71st HR Of 2001, 10/5/2001




David Huff Taken Out By A-Rod, 5/29/2010

DAGGER!, 2/28/2013

Rob Dibble Plunks A Runner, 7/23/1991

Shaun Livingston's Awful Injury, 2/26/2007

Pujols Triumphs Vs. Lidge, 10/17/2005

Milton Bradley Defined, 9/23/2007




Kirk Gibson's Helmet Pickle, 4/25/1992

Lloyd Moseby Steals Second...And First Base, 8/16/1987

Edgar Renteria In The Clutch, 11/1/2010

Hakeem Olajuwon Low-Post Skillz, 1984-2001

Mike Schmidt Bows Out, 5/29/1989

Nate Schierholtz' First Career HR, 9/6/2008

And Starring Andrew Bynum As Jesus, 2011 AD