MLB PITCH: 6/21/21

(originally written 6/21/21)



Earlier in June, MLB promised a crackdown on illegal substance use by pitchers was imminent, and last week a date was given: beginning Monday, 6/21, umpires will begin inspecting pitchers for "Spider Tack" or anything  similar which could prove advantageous to them.

And opposing managers can request checks, as well!

This, my friends, is not going to go over well with anybody. I give it about a month, TOPS, before either MLB comes to its senses, or the players full-on revolt. Especially when you consider that...

⦁ the 15 days since the league first raised the issue of Spider Tack affecting spin rates and their intent to police it, FOUR DUDES HAVE BEEN BEANED. That's four more than had previously been beaned all season. But hey, at least those spin rates dropped.

⦁    The victims of the wayward fastballs: Austin Hedges of the Indians 6/11, Kike Hernandez of the Red Sox 6/12, Pete Alonso of the Mets 6/13, and last week Chad Pinder of the Athletics 6/14. Pinder was the only player immediately forced from the field; as he ducked the Junior Guerra (Angels) heater, his helmet bounced off, exposing his head to a direct hit.

⦁    --


Athletics UT Chad Pinder was the last of four major leaguers beaned between June 11 and June 14, 2021. And he was probably the worse off.

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Now-former Detroit Tigers C Wilson Ramos led the AL in home runs (6) on April 13. He was designated for assignment June 15.

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HOME RUNS: Vlad Guerrero Jr., TOR/Shohei Ohtani, LAA (23)

AVERAGE: Nick Castellanos, CIN (.344)

RBI: Vlad Guerrero Jr., TOR (59)

STEALS: Whit Merrifield, KC (20)

WINS: Aaron Civale, CLE (10)

ERA: Jacob deGrom, NYM (0.50)

STRIKEOUTS: Shane Bieber CLE (130)

SAVES: Mark Melancon, SD (21)


Here, the special "Re-Opening Day" uniform worn by the Dodgers against Philadelphia 6/15 is "modeled by" 1B Albert Pujols.