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"Be careful about reading health books. One fine day you'll die of a misprint.'" -- author Markus Kurz

6/29/16    Know Your Off-season Injuries (never finished)

3/13/16     NBA 2016: This Week In Hoops 3/13, Part 1  Part 2

11/12/14     Know Your NBA: Week 3 Injuries

10/28/14   Know Your NBA Movement

7/16/14     Micky Arison's Open Letter To LeBron

6/20/14   San Antonio's Game 1 Revenge  Segment A  Segment B  Segment C

1/2/14      NBA Mediocrity 


6/4/13     Five Games Teams Wish They Could Replay

12/3/11     Remembering Shaq

6/18/09   Invalidating Kobe's Championship