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Night Visions

In early April 2014, I woke up screaming from a nightmare in which my own blanket menacingly rose above my pillow and prepared to finish me off as I laid there paralyzed.


After my heartbeat came down from 558 beats per minute, I decided to begin cataloging the most bizarre dreams—a.k.a. night visions—I experience. I'm not sure exactly why, but at least you'll get some entertainment out of it. Hopefully.

I can assure you that nothing you read here is fictional.

Pretty self-explanatory. For those of you who have NOTHING else to do, browse the archive of oft-hilarious Night Visions (dating back to 2014) and ROBCASS0 art (dating back to 2017)

Again, 100% authentic. The art alone is worth a visit.

The best of the best of the BEST Night Visions can be found here with accompanying ROBCASS0 art. Each year we set aside a trio of memorable NV's and ask you the people to vote on your favorite.

The Night Visions Hall Of Fame is still fairly new, so expect additions, subtractions and modifications in the days ahead.

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