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Blog: Not Sending To Haiti

(originally written 1/20/10)

I'm not sending one red cent to the quake victims of Haiti.


Does that make me a heartless jerk?

Maybe, maybe not. I don't really care. But let's have the discussion.


Believe me, I do feel bad about what happened to those people down there, and what is continuing to happen. Reports agree that in some of the worst afflicted areas, it is mob rule, and if you want to eat, you better be prepared to kill. Let that sink in for a moment, if you haven’t already.


So, if I “feel bad”, as I claim to, why won’t I help them?


There are, what, six billion+ people in this world. 
Of that group, I’d say I legitimately care about 50 of them—my girl, my daughter, my immediate family, my 707 friends, my 408 friends, my 619 friend, and the guy who runs the taco truck by my job. My generosity is limited to those in that group. By legitimately care, I mean this: When I ask one of the 50 how they are doing, I am asking BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER, not to be polite or heed off an awkward conversation. 


Getting off topic...
If tragedy befell any of those closest to me, or someone they cared about, I’d be right there digging them out of rubble as I know they would for me. That means I can’t be completely heartless…doesn’t it?


It’s like this: I don’t know anyone from Haiti.
I don’t know anyone who knows anyone from Haiti.
Nobody from Haiti knows me.


Not to pretend I’m some zealous patriot or anything, but if I’m going to donate to total strangers, it will be American total strangers. The U.S.A. is the only place in the world where an idiot like me would be allowed to lead the good life that I live.
And since I didn’t donate to “my” people—Katrina victims, San Diego fire victims, or even 9/11 victims—out of mostly indolence, it wouldn’t feel right doing it now, if that makes sense.


Not an excuse.

CNN and all the other outlets have said that aid is having trouble reaching those who need it the most. Either those delivering it have inadequate transportation, or gangs/mercenaries are intercepting the deliveries.


Skillz has tremendous respect for those who were touched and did care enough to donate, and even more to those who went down there in person to help. You should, too. They are all humanitarians and will hopefully be blessed for their selflessness. Maybe one day I will be like that. Maybe having a daughter will change me for the better as I enter my 30’s.


But today, January 20, 2010, as a man with a daughter and an income closer to low than high, I cannot see the upside in giving away any of my dead presidents to a land I know nothing about full of people I’ve never met and never will—especially under the auspice that what I send is hardly guaranteed to reach its proper hands.
Not when I can use it to feed and clothe and silence my baby.


If another huge natural disaster/attack/invasion befalls the United States (and I’m not a victim myself) I make a promise to do and give whatever I can to help, period.
Would a heartless jerk do that?

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