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Jayson Stark, various outlets: Strange But True (MLB; the last few entries require a $1 subscription to The Athletic)

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Kevin Cash's Unique Approach Is Benefitting Rays (Richard Justice,, 12/11/18)


Bulls, Jim Bowden Need To Move On From Turmoil Together (Steve Aschburner,, 12/11/18)

Inside Gordon Hayward's Misery-Filled Fight To Play Again (Zach Lowe,, 10/5/18)

Six Reasons For The NFL's Early Offensive Explosion (Albert Breer,, 10/4/18)


How A Rookie Manager Won The Cardinals Clubhouse (Eddie Matz,, 9/14/18)

Elton Brand Tasked With Continuing The Philadelphia 76ers Ascencion (David Aldridge,, 9/24/18)

What Drives The $84M Man? Kirk Cousins And His Lifelong Quest To Prove It (Chad Gaffe, The Athletic, 7/5/18)


Don't Hate The Warriors. Hate The System That Allowed Them To Happen (Kevin O'Connor, The Ringer, 7/3/18)

Inside Jonny Venters' Emotional Comeback, 3.5 Tommy John Surgeries Later (Eddie Matz,, 5/11/18)

Inside The Tension Between Kawhi Leonard And The Spurs (Ramona Shelburne & Michael C. Wright,, 5/1/18)


The Second Act Of A.J. Hinch (Tim Keown,, 3/27/18)

The Unwritten Rules For Modern-Day NBA Trash Talk (Tim McMahon & Law Murray,, 2/28/18)

Job Security Rare, Even For Winning Managers (Tracy Ringolsby, 10/12/17)


Mike Tomlin Won't Be Fired, But Steelers Need To Make Changes (Peter King,, 1/17/18)

Who Will Win Super Bowl LII? 2017 Midseason Predictions (Monday Morning Quarterback Staff,, 11/8/17)

No. 8 Vs. No. 24: Kobe Vs. Kobe (Justin Tinsley & Aaron Dodson,, 12/18/17)


The Good, The Bad And The Giants: Ranking All 30 Teams Based On Their 2017 Goals (Sam Miller,, 11/7/17)

Eddie Lacy Opens Up About His Struggle With Weight (Kevin Van Valkenburg,, 9/20/17)

This Is For Boston (Isaiah Thomas, The Players Tribune, 9/6/17)


Gene Michael Was More Than The Man Who Saved The Yankees (Joel Sherman, New York Post, 9/7/17)

Dear 1987: You're Not Going To Believe What's Happened (In MLB; Sam Miller,, 7/27/17)

Buck Never Stops, Nor Do The O's (Mike Lupica, Sports On Earth, 8/3/17)


MLB's Recent Wave Of PED Bans And What Can Be Done (Jay Jaffe,, 5/5/16)

Truth: Setting The Record Straight About The Knicks & The Matt Barnes Situation (Derek Fisher, The Cauldron, 5/10/16)

Never Defeated: The Shaun Livingston Story (Marc J. Spears,, 5/17/16)


The Legend Of Bartolo Grows Stronger With Age (Anthony Castrovince,, 5/24/16)

The Final Unraveling Of David Blatt (Brian Windhorst/Dave McMeninan,, 1/25/16)

Griffey The Latest Victim Of Hall's Greatest Flaw (Joe Posnanski, NBC Sports, undated 2015)


Brian Scalabrine: I'm Coming Home (self-published letter,, 8/4/14)

Lion Flub: Looking back at Charles Rogers (Jemele Hill,, 8/16/09)

Is Dwayne Wade A Dirty Player? (Brian Windhorst,, 12/28/12)


Blake Griffin: The Boss (Working For Don Sterling; Blake Griffin, The Players' Tribune, 10/16/14) 

Ryan Anderson Moving Forward After Girlfriend's Suicide (Chris Ballard, Sports Illustrated, 11/17/14)

The NFL's First Royal Family (Greg Garber,, 12/8/14)


Is Kobe Bryant The Reason For Lakers Downfall? (Henry Abbott, ESPN, 10/20/14)

Golden Era Committee Has Tough Task Ahead (Barry Bloom,, 12/6/14)

How To Annoy A (Warriors) Fan Base in 60 Easy Steps (Bill Simmons,, 3/21/12)


Michael Jordan Humbled By Hornets Challenge (Michael Wallace, ESPN, 12/3/14)

What If MLB Awards Included Postseason? (Anthony Castrovince,, 11/14/14)

The Faded Smile: Eddie Griffin (Bill Simmons,, 6/20/14)


A Complete List Of NBA Players Josh Smith Will Not Respond To (Jason Concepcion, 11/5/14)

Ichiro Still A Treat For Baseball Fans (Richard Justice,, 1/28/15)

The NBA Rookie Survival Guide (C.J. McCollum, The Players Tribune, 1/22/15)


Financial Requests Overwhelm Tyron Smith (Tim Keown,, 11/26/14)

The Greg Hardy Conundrum (Andrew Brandt,, 2/19/15)

The Education Of Alex Rodriguez (J.R. Moehringer,, 2/18/15)


Josh Hamilton's Return Marks Beginning Of New Chapter (Anthony Castrovince,, 5/25/15)

The Tim Duncan Question (Bill Simmons,, 5/5/15)

Deron Williams Leaves Nets Just Like Starbury (Ohm Youngmisuk,, 7/11/15)


The 2015 MLB Anti All-Stars (Jay Jaffe,, 7/9/15)

"There are really only three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say 'what happened?'" -- Ann Landers

RECOMMENDED SITES loads of fun sports challenges

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The Trading Card Database: practically every baseball card ever made; saves me loads of time researching on TSR




MLB Network (formerly Rotoworld) archives archives archives

The Scouting Notebook/Report annual book series

USA Today Baseball Weekly periodicals and annual almanacs



(These are some quality sports books you should read when opportunity arises. They are not necessarily sources for TSR info, though many are. BOLD = recent addition)


Al Michaels: You Can't Make This Up (2014)

Andre Iguodala: The Sixth Man (2019)

Aubrey Huff: Confessions Of A Baseball Junkie (2016)

Bill Simmons: The Book Of Basketball (2010)

Bill Walton: Back From The Dead (2015)

Brian Murphy: A Band Of Misfits (2010 S.F. Giants)

Colin Cowherd: You Herd Me! (2013)

David Wells: Perfect I'm Not (2003)

Darryl Henley: Intercepted: The Rise And Fall Of An NFL Cornerback (2012)

Derek Jeter: The Life You Imagine (1997)

Earl Strom: Calling The Shots (by the longtime NBA/ABA referee)

Fay Vincent: The Last Commissioner (2002)

Felipe Alou: My Baseball Journey (2018)

Graig Nettles: Balls (1984)

Jack McCallum: Eight Seconds Or Less (The 2007 Phoenix Suns)

Jeff Pearlman: The Rocket That Fell To Earth (2009; Roger Clemens bio)

Jim Bouton: Ball Four, The Final Pitch (2013) 

Joe Torre: The Yankee Years (2008)

John Feinstein: The Punch (The story of Kermit Washington's KO of Rudy Tomjanovich)

John Schuerholz: Built To Win (2006)

Jon Miller: Confessions Of A Baseball Purist (1997)

Jonah Keri: Baseball Between The Numbers (2007)

Keith Olbermann/Dan Patrick: The Big Game (1998)

Ken Kaiser: Planet Of The Umps (2003) 

Michael Lewis: Moneyball (2003)

Mike Lombardi: Gridiron Genius (2018)

Nate Jackson: Slow Getting Up (2013)

Ned Colletti: The Big Chair (2017)

Omar Vizquel: Omar! (2002)

Pete Rose: My Prison Without Bars (2006)

Phil Jackson: The Final Season (2005)

Reggie Jackson: Reggie (1984)

Rickey Henderson: Confessions Of A Thief (1992)

Rob Dibble: The Code (2008; comprehensive book on MLB's "unwritten rules"

Rob Huizenga: Don't Worry, It's Only A Bruise (story of longtime Raiders

trainer in the 1980s-90s)


Rob Neyer's Big Book Of Baseball Dynasties

Rob Neyer's Big Book Of Baseball Lists

Rob Neyer's Big Book Of Baseball Lineups

Rob Neyer's Guide To Pitchers


Scottie Pippen: Unguarded (2021)

Shaquille O'Neal: Shaq Talks Back (2001)

Terry Francona: The Red Sox Years (2013)

Tim Kurkjian: Is This A Great Game, Or What? (2007)

Tim Kurkjian: I'm Fascinated By Sacrifice Flies (2016)

Yogi Berra: When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It! (2001)


Tales From The Angels Dugout

Tales From The Giants Dugout

Tales From The Mets Dugout

Tales From The Orioles Dugout

Tales From The Reds Dugout

Tales From The Red Sox Dugout

Tales From The Pirates Dugout

Tales From The Tribe (Indians) Dugout

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