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LeBron Leaps Over John Lucas, Dunks (1/29/2012)

Typically, when you see one human being jump over another, it is A) a circus act, B) one of the human beings is lying down, or C) one of the human beings is a kindergartner.


Where else but the NBA can you spot grown men jumping over other grown men? 


First, Vince Carter leaped over a 7-footer in the Olympics for a slam, and now...well, a few years ago...we've got Miami's LeBron James treating Chicago's John Lucas III like a lying kindergartner in the circus.


Notes: That is Dwayne Wade throwing the lob to James, who was in his second of four Heat seasons. Lucas would eventually join the Miami franchise himself—well after James' departure—but never got into a regular-season game for the Heat.


The play gave Miami a 16-7 lead; Chicago tied it in the 4th quarter but ultimately the Heat won 97-93. Lucas played 3.5 minutes and missed his only FGA.

Steve Clevenger Injured On Swing (4/13/2013)

Before he became famous for something less fortunate some time later, Cubs C Steve Clevenger was known for injuring himself on the final swing of a game. It wasn't as devastating as Ryan Howard's game-ending torn Achilles, but as the video was quite painful.


Notes: San Francisco's Santiago Casilla fires the curveball that Clevenger offers at. Chicago lost the game 3-2 as Madison Bumgarner defeated future teammate Jeff Samardzija.


Clevenger, who was pinch-hitting for reliever James Russell, suffered a strained abdomen (which he described as like "someone stuck a knife in me") and never played again for the Cubs; he did get some late-season run with Baltimore.

Ball Behind George Bell Leads To Out (8/13/1986)

Go ahead and poll 100 people: What would you do if your head was in the path of a 90+ MPH fastball ?

100 people: Duck. 


Poll 100 people again: Is there a circumstance in which you'd regret ducking?

99 people: No.

George Bell: YES!


Go ahead and watch. Watch a few times, because you will never, ever see a play like this again.


Notes: This game—played at old Memorial Stadium—was won by Baltimore 7-6 on a 13th-inning walk-off homer by Larry Sheets, leaving one to wonder: if that pitch is not intercepted by Bell's bat...would the runner on 1B (Lloyd Moseby) have advanced, scored and changed the outcome?


There were two outs in the 3rd inning at the time of Bell's folly. Mike Boddicker and Terry Kennedy form the battery; Boddicker would only get one more out before taking an early shower (5 ER allowed). Bell finished 1-for-6 with no RBI. Larry Young is the HP umpire. 

The Bad News Cubs (7/12/1992)

We've all had those workdays where, barely five minutes in, we wish we'd been coughed on by an influenza sufferer the night before. For (at least) one night, the 1992 Chicago Cubs wanted that flu. Or, at least, a giant blanket to hide under.


Otis Nixon of Atlanta led off the game with an oppo line double. Then Deion Sanders, through no fault of his own, managed to circle the bases. Click the vid to see how...but on an empty stomach.


Notes: That is longtime Cubs SP Frank Castillo; the fumbling CF was Doug Dascenzo (with LF Derrick May in proximity.) I can't tell who exactly fired home, but I can tell you the catcher was Rick Wilkins. 


Aided by the two gift runs, Atlanta went on to a 10-inning, 7-4 victory. Dascenzo wound up having a good day at the plate, singling, doubling, tripling and walking.

Darrell Armstrong's Dunk Contest Layup (2/10/1996)

Imagine Mike Trout in the (insert sponsor) Home Run Derby squaring around to bunt. Imagine Jimmie Johnson completing one lap of a race at 32 miles per hour. Imagine Shane Lechler preparing to punt, and instead he throws the ball about 10 yards.


Would they not all instantly be tested for crack?

With that setup, you can probably figure out what Darrell Armstrong is about to do in the Slam Dunk...I repeat, Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend.

Notes: In fairness, Armstrong was probably worn out after several failed attempts leading up to this one. You are hearing the crew from Shaqtin' A Fool belatedly piling it on Armstrong.

Reid Brignac Hit In Face By Grounder (5/2/2016)

What better way to endear yourself to a new club than to show off how tough you are? (Other than buying them all Porsches.) Surely, Braves IF Reid Brignac wanted to hit it off with his Atlanta teammates, but instead, David Wright of the Mets hit it off...Brignac's face.

During his very first game as a Brave.


Notes: Mike Foltynewicz is the Braves pitcher; he'd be removed one batter later. Brignac shook off the blow and stayed in all nine innings, going 0-for-4 with a K. The Mets led 4-0 at the time and went on to win 4-1, behind eight shutout innings from Bartolo Colon.

Aubrey Huff Mocks Joba Chamberlain (5/10/2009)

Today, MLB is actually airing commercials encouraging on-field emotion and celebration from its players, basically saying screw "showing up your opponents"; yelling, bat flipping, fist pumping, etc. is the way to go—yesteryear's restraint is outdated and more importantly, uncool.


The game wasn't quite there yet in 2009, the third MLB season of burly Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain—a dude known for his celebratory bursts of emotion after recording outs, even "meaningless" outs, as much as his pitching.


Joba's act annoyed at least one Baltimore Oriole, who opted to serve the youngster a slice of his own pie.


Notes: This was Aubrey Huff's sixth of 15 home runs in 2009; he'd also hit a three-run jack off Phil Hughes the day before. Ultimately, Joba and the Yankees got the last laugh; Baltimore never scored again, while New York plated four in the 7th to earn Chamberlain his second win of the year.


I believe the voice to be that of the O's Gary Thorne; he refers to Teixeira's home run off STARTER Koji Uehara in the top of the 1st.

Mike Cameron/Carlos Beltran Collision (8/11/2005)


This would've been Video #2 posted to TSR back in 2014 (the Andrew Bynum/Jesus NBA Elite glitch was going to be first, period) had I not lost my copy of it. At long last, I found another, so here you are:


If you're a sports fan, you likely saw this back in '05—this was, and possibly is, the scariest collision in baseball history—certainly the worst one caught on camera. (Lenny Dykstra/Mookie Wilson was bad, and Jacob Brumfield/Dave Clark was bad, but this one was outright horrifying.)


Basically, you had two center fielders (though Cameron had been playing RF) going full-tilt to prevent PH David Ross from reaching vs. Tom Glavine. The video finishes the story.


Notes: Cameron suffered extensive injuries and did not play again in 2005, but returned healthy (and looking slightly different) the next year. First-year Met Beltran—who had walked and scored New York's lone run—suffered a relatively small facial fracture, concussion and injured shoulder, but avoided the DL and returned to action August 17.


The Mets teammate on the scene first is 1B Marlon Anderson, who was part of a mass defensive re-alignment following the crash—he moved to RF and was replaced at 1B by Jose Offerman, while SS Chris Woodward moved to CF and was replaced by Jose Reyes.


Ross soon scored SD's second and winning run on a Joe Randa hit. That is Ted Robinson doing Mets play-by-play (unsure of his partner); the Theodore referenced is George Theodore, whose bad collision with teammate Don Hahn in 1973 derailed his career.


Click here and here for two good reads on the incident.

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