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Starks Dunks HARD On Bulls (5/25/1993)

Bulls Versus Knicks in the 1990's was never dull, especially in the NBA playoffs. 1993 was no exception, at least not toward the end of the Eastern Conference Finals Game #2.

Knicks guard John Starks, in his third year with the Knicks but first as a starter, was not known for his explosiveness or a particularly strong left hand. But here, with about 1:00 remaining in the game, 6'3" Starks put both on supreme display, as Bulls Horace Grant and Michael Jordan attempt defense.

Notes: The Knicks went on to the 96-91 win and a 2-0 series lead; Starks finished with 12 points on 5-for-11 shooting. However, Chicago would win the next four to advance to the NBA Finals, where they defeated the Phoenix Suns for their third straight championship.

B.J. Armstrong is the guard Starks eluded pre-dunk. Marv Albert is on the call.

Frank Robinson Gets Emotional (5/25/2006)

The late Frank Robinson, baseball Hall-of-Famer, was among the toughest dudes to ever take the field—ask anyone who knew him and they'll confirm that within 10 words. But being tough didn't make him an android...the man cared.

On May 25, 2006, Robinson was managing the second-year Washington Nationals, who were pressed into the services of backup catcher Matt LeCroy. The veteran had among the worst defensive games a big league catcher can have, allowing seven steals in seven tries while committing two throwing errors.


As the Astros rallied in the 7th and put more men on base, Robinson made the difficult decision to remove his C mid-inning, which just isn't done in MLB unless injury forces it.

After the game, Robinson was clearly torn up over embarrassing LeCroy.

Notes: Despite the struggles of LeCroy, Washington held on for the 8-5 win. Robert Fick, who hadn't caught all season, took over for LeCroy; Houston recorded no more steals (but did get 2B on a defensive indifference in the 9th).

LeCroy never caught for the Nats again, serving as PH, DH and 1B until being cut in July. He did catch four games for the 2007 Twins before his MLB career ended.

Rhys Hoskins Fouls One Off His Face (5/28/2018)

If you're the Phillies and down by a run with two outs in the 9th inning against a great closer, Rhys Hoskins is somebody you want up to bat. Though not lighting things up in the early 2018 season, who could forget the magic Hoskins' bat produced in late 2017? The kid had certainly proven capable of heroics.

Turns out he was capable of a rather bizarre (and even more painful) outcome, as well.

Notes: RP Kenley Jansen and C Yasmani Grandal formed the Dodger battery. Hoskins left the game in favor of PH Pedro Florimon, who completed the K (which was charged to Hoskins) for a 5-4 Dodger win.

Three days after this blow, Hoskins hit the DL with a broken jaw—he had actually pinch-hit the following night before receiving news of the break! Philadelphia, 29-21 entering this game, promptly lost nine of its next 12.

Kevin Millar's Ungraceful Slide (9/10/2002 #2)

Kevin Millar was one of the more colorful players of his time, especially during his Boston years, but even as a young Florida Marlin, he could entertain and bring smiles to fans without even really trying.

Case in point: during his final month with the Fish, Millar attempted to start a late rally against the Phillies with a base hit to left field off SP Vicente Padilla. Sadly for Millar, he either overestimated his own speed or underestimated the arm of LF Pat Burrell.

Either way, he was out by plenty at second base...and in blooper reels until the end of civilization.

Notes: Millar was Padilla's last batter of the game; he completed eight innings in a 2-1 defeat. Tomas Perez is the infielder tagging and teasing Millar, who had one other hit in the ballgame.

This was the second game of a double dip which Florida swept; Millar also had two hits in the first game.

Jae Crowder HEAVES! (11/4/2015)

NBA veteran Jae Crowder certainly has decent shooting range (34% career on threes; not great but not terrible). He did not need to prove this to anyone in the year 2015—he'd already been in the league three years by that point.

Despite that, early in the 2015-16 season, the young Boston Celtic decided to show the entire league that while he's only decent from 22-23 feet, it is unwise to leave him alone from 94 feet.

Following Crowder's heave, we also show you the longest known shot that actually counted, courtesy of then-Hornet Baron Davis on 2/17/2001.

Notes: Crowder's heave didn't count, since he was standing out-of-bounds. He is being guarded by Indiana's Glenn Robinson III; Jared Sullinger is the Celtic under the hoop when the heave lands. Celtics coach Brad Stevens is seen trying not to crack a smile.


Boston lost to Indiana 100-98, despite 12 legitimate points from Crowder. Davis's heave helped the Hornets defeat the host Bucks 103-93. The second-year star finished with 21 points.

Pagan's Walk-Off Inside-The-Park Homer (5/25/2013)

Because of its wacky dimensions and massive brick wall, Oracle Park in San Francisco is as accommodating to the triple as any ballpark in the game. And for those same reasons, when the stars align just right, a speedy guy can stretch those triples a little further.

Angel Pagan of the Giants was a speedy guy.

Back in May 2013, the veteran CF stepped up against Rockies RP Rafael Betancourt with his team down 5-4 in the 10th. What happened next will never be forgotten by anyone who watched it live.

Notes: It was the second and final career ITPHR for Pagan, who partially tore his hamstring on this play and missed three months. 

Ahead of Pagan's big hit, SS Brandon Crawford walked and was bunted to second base. Giants RP Sergio Romo, who served up a solo go-ahead HR to Troy Tulowitzki in the T10th, was the winning pitcher.

Josh Harrison's Creative Slide (5/16/2017)

We'll ignore just how unwise Pittsburgh's Josh Harrison was trying to stretch this single down by five in the 6th inning, and try to celebrate his unreal athleticism.

Harrison, known for his nifty dodges of enemy tags. strikes here against Stephen Strasburg of Washington. While most guys would be content getting a mere base hit off that guy, Harrison—who homered off Strasburg earlier in the game—obviously had his juices flowing by this point in the contest.

Notes: Michael Taylor and Wilmer Difo are the Nationals' respective center fielder and second baseman. Harrison would be stranded at second base, and his Pirates went on to lose 8-4.

Colin Moran Fouls One Off His Face (7/22/2017)

The major league return of young Astros IF Colin Moran was exactly 1.5 days old when he dug in vs. sidewinding Darren O'Day of the host Baltimore Orioles. Already 1-for-2 in the game, Moran could hardly prepare for what happened next.
O'Day's pitches have a habit of bearing in on lefty hitters—in the 6th inning with two on,  Moran swung at such a pitch and paid a painful price.

The video does not show Moran finally being taken away to a local hospital via cart; he was dazed and unable to walk off the field.

Notes: Marwin Gonzalez completed Moran's AB with a three-run homer that put the Astros up to stay; they eventually won 8-4.

After a DL stint for facial fractures, Moran returned to the Astros in September, but was dispatched in the Gerrit Cole trade of January 2018. But not before receiving a World Series ring!

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