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"Friendship is one mind in two bodies.'" --  Mencius, Chinese author

Ichiro Touches 'Em All (7/10/2007)

The great Ichiro Suzuki's Hall Of Fame plaque might need extra space to accommodate all the feats, milestones and records he racked up throughout his career (especially if it includes Japanese League accomplishments).

In any case, that plaque truly needs to mention Ichiro belting the first inside-the-park home run in All-Star Game history. The stars aligned perfectly for Suzuki in the 78th Midsummer Classic—a quirky ballpark, a perfect carom, an inexperienced right fielder, and one of the fastest runners in the game.

Take a look.

Notes: That RF was Ken Griffey Jr. of the Reds, who shifted from CF that very season and might not have played AT&T Park's right field yet (I don't feel like researching at the moment.). Suzuki finished 3-for-3 and took home the game's MVP award, as the AL defeated the NL 5-4.

Suzuki's shot happened in the 5th inning with a man on; San Diego's Chris Young is the pitcher. To date, no other ITPHR have been hit in an All-Star Game.