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"Friendship is one mind in two bodies.'" --  Mencius, Chinese author

NEW! Lawton's Head Shots (5/27/1997)

Yes, Jose Canseco once allowed a fly ball to bounce off his head and over the fence for a home run. But at only happened to him once. The only possible way Canseco absorbs more grief for that blunder is if it repeated itself.

Minnesota's Matt Lawton, battling the tough roof and lights at the Metrodome, was a guy who did get boinked twice in the head on batted balls to the outfield. But because neither ball caromed over the fence, Lawton has somehow managed to escape any scrutiny for his mishaps over the years.

Or maybe it's just because he's not Canseco...

Notes: Because the first clip's pitcher (Brad Radke) batter (the White Sox' Ray Durham) and Lawton were all with their team forever, I can't pinpoint the date. But the presence of Chicago's Ozzie Guillen  (#13) staring in disbelief narrows it down to 1995-97.

Hall-of-Famer Edgar Martinez is the batter in the second clip, taken on 5/27/1997. The 4th-inning single scored Joey Cora. Lawton did stay in the game after a delay, but was pinch-hit for in the 9th. His Twins eventually beat Seattle 11-10.;