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"Friendship is one mind in two bodies.'" --  Mencius, Chinese author

Bonds' Easiest RBI Ever (5/28/1998)

Barry Bonds was a scary hitter. We all know that.

By the early-mid 2000's, it was nothing to walk the guy 200 some odd times per year. Throwing him a strike was, well, not advised. Not if you were trying to win the ballgame, anyway.

The "cautiousness" (cowardice?) of opposing pitchers/managers reached a point where fans began bringing rubber chickens to what is now Oracle Park. Anytime Bonds got a free pass, a chicken would be hung from the wall.

It should be known that well before Oracle Park opened, however, Bonds received one walk that stood out from all the other 2,557. He drew an intentional walk...with the bases a tight game.

Notes: Buck Showalter was the Diamondbacks manager making the unusual decision. Just one other batter in the past 65 years has been IBB'd with the bags full (8/17/2008 Josh Hamilton, per

Jeff Kent, who had doubled and moved up, scored the Giants' seventh run when Bonds walked. Bonds had entered the game as a PH in the 8th inning.

RP Gregg Olson and C Kelly Stinnett make up the Arizona battery. Brent Mayne, the final batter, was a teammate of Olson with the 1995 Royals. Brent Brede is the RF snagging Mayne's liner.

2009 Topps #116 Omar Infante, Braves