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7/28/15: providential (prov-i-den-shuhl), adj.

1. opportune, fortunate or lucky.

IN A SENTENCE: Mel's firing was both abrupt and providential, since his cubicle mate farted immediately afterward. 

7/24/15: indemnify (in-dem-nuh-fehy), v.

1. to compensate for damage, expense, etc.

IN A SENTENCE: For wrecking her bike, Sheila decided to indemnify Curt by giving him rabies.

7/18/15: sinewy (sin-yoo-ee), adj.

4. vigorous or forceful, as in language.

IN A SENTENCE: Karla was removed as pastor for being too sinewy and vulgar during her sermons.

7/12/15: agliophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of pain.

IN A SENTENCE: Because Jana has agliophobia, Kurt has promised to never bite her.

7/10/15: fungible (fuhn-juh-buhl), n.

1. interchangeable, replaceable, esp. goods.

IN A SENTENCE: Ernie considers himself too superior and his many girlfriends too fungible to ever learn their names.

7/8/15: brio (bree-oh), n.

1. with vigor or vitality.

IN A SENTENCE: Ashley rejected Esteban, who sobbed with overwhelming brio.

7/3/15: coprophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of feces.

IN A SENTENCE: Jairo developed coprophobia after one too many times teasing monkeys at the zoo.

6/25/15: proliferate (pruh-lif-uh-reyt), v.

1. to increase quickly, excessively.

IN A SENTENCE: When Beverly's wig caught fire, Bret was forced to proliferate his chewing of breakfast.

6/21/15: ephebiphobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of teenagers.

IN A SENTENCE: Geoff "caught" ephebiphobia when a 9th-grader's peeled acne landed in his food.

6/18/15: despotic (dih-spot-ik), adj.

1. tyrannical.

IN A SENTENCE: Linda is serious, perhaps even despotic, about Jake not changing clothes in front of her parents.

6/14/15: kenophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of voids or empty spaces.

IN A SENTENCE: Ariel's conversations with Bill run short, because her airheadedness often triggers his kenophobia.

6/10/15: attenuate (uh-ten-yoo-eyt), v.

1. to weaken or reduce in force, intensity.

IN A SENTENCE: Howie attenuated his pounding on Eva's door because her roommate threw a blender at him.

6/7/15: ombrophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of rain or being rained on.

IN A SENTENCE: Red won't dance with Shana because her excessive sweating triggers his ombrophobia.

6/3/15: mendacious (men-dey-shuh s), adj.

1. untruthful, dishonest, false.

IN A SENTENCE: Calvin spun a long, mendacious fairy tale to explain the drunken reindeer on his roof.

5/31/15: vestiphobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of clothing.

IN A SENTENCE: Lindsey's neighbor tried to cure her vestiphobia by replacing her dirty laundry with paper towels.

5/28/15: desultory (des-uh l-tawr-ee,), adj.

1. lacking a plan or purpose; unfocused, disconnected.

IN A SENTENCE: Because of George's desultory approach to finding Mary's hotel room, he accidentally proposed to her father instead of her.

5/24/15: alblutophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of washing or bathing.

IN A SENTENCE: Jamal felt nauseous when he caught his girlfriend hugging the alblutophobic kid.

5/21/15: edify (ed-uh-fahy), v.

1. to instruct or benefit; uplift.

IN A SENTENCE: Ennis wasn't sure he was ready to sleep without his teddy bear until Holly encouraged and edified him.


5/17/15: blennophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of slime.

IN A SENTENCE: Marlee's blennophobia led to intense screaming when Julius sneezed on her neck. 

5/14/15: insouciant (in-soo-see-uh nt), adj.

1. easygoing, casual, free from worry.

IN A SENTENCE: Dana's bold, insouciant approach to eating has led to four split pants this year alone.

5/11/15: approbative (ap-ruh-bey-tiv), adj.

1. favorable, approving.

IN A SENTENCE: Shane used to shun deoderant and mouthwash, but now carries an approbative attitude towards it.

5/6/15: soporose (sop-uh-ros), adj.

1. in an unusually deep state of sleep.


IN A SENTENCE: Taking advantage of Roger's soporose state, Trish shaved his entire body.

4/30/15: alacrity (uh-lak-ri-tee), n.

1. cheerful readiness, promptness or willingness.

IN A SENTENCE: Julianna was puzzled by Lane's alacrity when she wanted to go see Frozen.

4/26/15: antlophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of floods.

IN A SENTENCE: Howard developed antlophobia when his neighbor left their tub running for two hours.

4/21/15: punctilious (puhngk-til-ee-uh s), adj.

1. showing great attention to detail.

IN A SENTENCE: Bebe is punctilious to the point of measuring her husband's mustache length before allowing kisses.

4/13/15: titivate (TIT-i-vayt), v.

1. to make smarter; to spruce up; to decorate.

IN A SENTENCE: Before going out, Cala titivates herself by masking her acne with foundation.


4/8/15: degust (dih guhst), v.

1. to taste or savor carefully or appreciatively.

IN A SENTENCE: One reason Mandy broke up with Rod was his habit of degusting fishtank water.


4/2/15: passel (pas uh l), n.

1. a group or lot of indeterminate number.

IN A SENTENCE: The passel of dirty laundry under Vernon's bed reached from floor to ceiling.

3/29/15: nelophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of glass.

IN A SENTENCE: An unnoticed mirror on the ceiling triggered Jerry's nelophobia and he screamed like a five-year-old.


3/23/15: prescient (presh-uh nt), adj.

1. Having knowledge of things or events before they happen; having foresight.

IN A SENTENCE: Doug proved to be prescient when he predicted a mace attack upon peeping at an unsuspecting neighbor.

3/14/15: altophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of heights.

IN A SENTENCE: Dawn bit Rusty when, unaware of her altophobia, he suggested visiting his penthouse. 

3/11/15: dichotomy (dahy-kot-uh-mee), n.

1. division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs.

IN A SENTENCE: For unlucky Lance, the dichotomy of relationships is as such: ugly, or less ugly.


2/27/15: deflagrate (DEF-luh-grayt), v.

1. to burn rapidly with intense heat.

IN A SENTENCE: Because he wasn't paying attention, Rhett deflagrated.half his kitchen while trying to make biscuits.

2/22/15: venustraphobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of beautiful women.

IN A SENTENCE: Kyle couldn't understand why Elise slapped him after he admitted his venustraphobia won't affect their relationship.

2/17/15: fallow (FAL oh), adj.

1. not in use, inactive.

IN A SENTENCE: Ever since getting hit in the nose, Dinah's soccer gear has become fallow and dust-covered.


2/12/15: conflation (kuh-n-fley-shuh-n), n.

1. the process or result of fusing items into one entity 

IN A SENTENCE: Greta the Geek views cuddling as a conflation of two longing souls, while Joey the Jock views it as stupid.

2/7/15: putative (pyoo-tuh-tiv), adj.

1. commonly regarded as such; reputed; supposed

IN A SENTENCE: After running his mouth, Rex owned the putative largest black eye anyone in the 'hood had ever seen..

2/3/15: taradiddle (tar-uh-DID-l), n.

1. a small lie, fib.

IN A SENTENCE: Jody spun a wee taradiddle when she told Drew she really liked his family.


1/25/15: dendrophobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of trees.

IN A SENTENCE: Miguel's son asked for a treehouse, but because of Miguel's dendrophobia, he had to settle for a bush house.

1/20/15: klatsch (klahch), n.

1. a casual gathering of people, often for informal conversation..

IN A SENTENCE: Ellie assured the klatsch of people outside her door that she would indeed clean up the barf she left in the hallway


1/13/15: pedantic (puh-dan-tik), adj.

1. overly concerned with minute details; formalities.


IN A SENTENCE: Trevor loves his girlfriend, even though she's pedantic and insists he gaze lovingly into her eyes before leaving for work.

1/11/15: methyphobia (n/a), n.

1. fear of alcohol.

IN A SENTENCE: Ernie had methyphobia, so Cindy threatened to spike his milk if he didn't shut up.

1/7/15: condign (n/a), adj.

1. well-deserved; fitting, adequate.

IN A SENTENCE: In college Leona was named "Most Likely To Fall Down A Well", a condign award if there ever was one.



1/4/15: barophobia (n/a), n.  

1. fear of gravity.


IN A SENTENCE: Jim overcame his barophobia and now swings from chandeliers for no reason.

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