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Word Of The Day Archive 4

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3/5/19: bifurcate (bahy-fer-keyt), v.

1. to divide into two branches.


IN A SENTENCE: Tess intends to bifurcate her little black book into "well-built" and "well-off" sections.

2/19/19: engender (en-jen-der), v.

1. call forth; give rise to.


IN A SENTENCE: To engender female attention at the gym, Tyler often "forgets" his wedding ring at home.

2/7/19: intransigent (in-tran-si-juhnt), adj.

1. uncompromising, inflexible.


IN A SENTENCE: Crystal is single because she's intransigent about dating guys without diseases.

1/3/19: peripatetic (per-uh-puh-tet-ik), adj.

1. having unlimited knowledge/awareness.


IN A SENTENCE: Owen lives a peripatetic lifestyle to avoid all the felony warrants out on him.

12/24/18: omniscient (om-nish-uhnt), v.

1. having unlimited knowledge/awareness.


IN A SENTENCE: Julio considers himself omniscient when it comes to British soap operas.

12/18/18: ennoble (eh-noh-buhl), v.

1. to elevate in excellence or respect; dignify.



IN A SENTENCE: Rachel must routinely ennoble Lawrence's rap skillz, otherwise he'll weep.

12/13/18: diffident (dif-i-duhnt), adj.

1. lacking confidence in one's own abilities.

2. reserved, restrained.


IN A SENTENCE: Ernie costs himself money by being diffident over his ability to look sad and beg.



12/6/18: inexorable (in-ek-ser-uh-buhl), adj.

1. unyielding, not to be persuaded.


IN A SENTENCE: Ted unsuccessfully tried to change Francine's inexorable stance on bathing weekly.




11/20/18: copacetic (koh-puh-set-ik), adj.

1. fine, satisfactory, okay.


IN A SENTENCE: When Philip shouted "That was copacetic!" after a back rub, Brenda kneed him in the nuts.

11/8/18: ancillary (an-suh-ler-ee), adj.

1. subordinate, auxiliary. 

2. extra.


IN A SENTENCE: Sheila considers pants an ancillary item of clothing.

10/26/18: staid (steyd), adj.

2. fixed, settled or permanent.


IN A SENTENCE: Jeremy dumped Eden for her staid habits, like only peeing in toilets.

10/13/18: ossify (os-uh-fahy), v.

1. to convert into bone; to harden like bone.


IN A SENTENCE: Drunken Russ overcooked his ham, causing the meat to ossify.

9/27/18: vicissitude (vi-SIS-i-tood), n.

1. a change, variation, etc. over the course of something (marriage, season, etc.).


IN A SENTENCE: Rita credits booze for helping her through life's vicissitudes.


9/23/18: nomenclature (noh-mehn-kley-cher), n.

2. the terms applied to someone or something.



IN A SENTENCE: Emma picked up the nomenclature of her fellow beggars rather quickly. 

9/13/18: symbiotic (sim-bee-OT-ik), adj.

2. characterized by a close, cooperative, or interdependent relationship.


IN A SENTENCE: Donald has been arrested so many times, he has an almost symbiotic relationship with the jail guards.





8/13/18: hypergamous (hye-PUR-guh-muhs), adj.

2. a marriage to someone of higher social standing.


IN A SENTENCE: True, Dolph's marriage to Camille was hypergamous, but she's real good at PlayStation, so it works.



6/6/18: exogenous (ek-SOJ-uh-nuhs), adj.

1. originating from outside; derived externally.


IN A SENTENCE: Yesterday, the doctor diagnosed Hugh's sores as exogenous and advised him to stop licking E.R. patients.





5/9/18: maudlin (mawd-lin), adj.

1. foolishly sentimental, weakly emotional.


IN A SENTENCE: Joel puts on a lengthy, maudlin display whenever anyone even mentions Dawson's Creek.





4/10/18: noisome (NOI-suh m), adj.

1. harmful, disgusting, offensive.


IN A SENTENCE: Shawn was driven away by the noisome aroma inside Krissy's bedroom.



2/8/18: polemical (puh-LEM-ik-uhl), adj.

1. argumentative, controversial.


IN A SENTENCE: After catching Wendy stealing from him, Doug made the polemic decision to distribute photos of her on the toilet to passerby.

2/2/18: apoplectic (ap-uh-plek-tik), adj.

4. extremely angry, furious.


IN A SENTENCE: Todd was not prepared for Shayla's apoplectic refusal to box with his ex on-camera.


1/3/18: commensurate (kuh MEN ser it), adj.

1. corresponding in amount, magnitude.


IN A SENTENCE: During their latest argument, Jami told Leon his brain size was commensurate with a flash drive.

12/22/17: peccadillo (pek uh dil oh), n.

1. a very slight offense or sin.


IN A SENTENCE: Rusty's costliest peccadillo would be reaching inside Mina's purse five minutes after meeting her.

11/23/17: wanton (won-tn), n, adj.

1. a lewd or lascivious person (n)

2. occurring without motivation or provocation (adj) 


IN A SENTENCE: Lee broke up with Kelly over her wanton candle usage during baths.




11/7/17: abrogate (ab-ruh-geyt), v.

1. revoke formally.


IN A SENTENCE: Daryl slept in his own puke, leading Cindy to abrogate affection for 72 hours.




10/3/17: coalesce (koh-uh-les), v.

1. to unite as one form; to blend or come together.


IN A SENTENCE: When Vernon and Bridget sweat, their fluids coalesce into a heart-shaped stain.




9/16/17: confabulate (kuhn-fab-yuh-leyt), v.

1. to converse informally; chat.


IN A SENTENCE: Brandi dumped Rey for trying to confabulate about her mom's childhood one too many times.




8/22/17: turpitude (tur-pi-tood), n.

1. shameful or vile character; depravity.


IN A SENTENCE: At the store, Wanda saw Wayne's turpitude up close when he rubbed unsold tomatoes inside his pants.

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