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Word Of The Day Archive 5

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8/17/19: reprobate (rep-ruh-beyt), v.

1.  an unprincipled person; scoundrel.

IN A SENTENCE: Josh earned his title of reprobate by looking for his keys under Felicia's skirt.


7/26/19: elucidate (ih-loo-si-deyt), v.

1. to make lucid or clear, to provide clarification.

IN A SENTENCE: When Todd told Sara he wanted to "be her huggy bear", she asked him to elucidate.

7/21/19: enervate (en-er-veht), v.

1. to weaken, wear down.

IN A SENTENCE: Moises and his leaky balloon voice seemed to enervate anyone he spoke to. Or near.

6/30/19: odious (oh-dee-uhs), adj.

1. offensive; highly unpleasant.

IN A SENTENCE: Stan overlooks Misha's odious behavior because he enjoys her cooking.

6/5/19: mirth (murth), n.

2. amusement or laughter.

IN A SENTENCE: Devon's open mirth over scaring Carrie triggered a kick to the groin (deservedly).

5/16/19: pernicious (per-nish-uhs), adv.

1. causing harm or ruin, hurtful.

IN A SENTENCE: Dawn made the pernicious decision to call Roger's boss a "mean old butt face".

5/1/19: askance (uh-skans), adv.


1. With suspicion or disapproval.


IN A SENTENCE: Rick looked askance at Marlene's IQ test.

4/11/19: cavort (kuh-vawrt), v.


2. to behave in a high-spirited, festive manner.


IN A SENTENCE: Darren cavorted outside after losing his virginity, forgetting to get re-dressed first.

4/4/19: spurious (spyoor-ee-uhs), adj.


1. plausible but false.

IN A SENTENCE: Explaining his cheating, Felix offered the spurious excuse of a long-lost twin.

3/27/19: munificent (myoo-nif-uh-suhnt), adj.


1. very generous.


IN A SENTENCE: Rene bestowed upon Alan the munificent gift of bug-free breakfast.

3/22/19: discomfiture (dis-kuhm-fi-cher), n.


1. the state of being disconcerted; confusion.


IN A SENTENCE: Rod noticed Linda's discomfiture when he stuck her toes in his mouth.

3/12/19: officious (uh-fish-uhs), adj.


1. aggressive in offering one's unwanted help/services.


IN A SENTENCE: Elaine's Uber career ended when word spread about her officious methods.

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