Word Of The Day Archive 6

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11/8/19: prosaic (proh-zey-ik), adj.

1.  dull or unimaginative.

IN A SENTENCE: It was out of Lucy's prosaic character to demand a "pearl necklace" from Reed.

10/29/19: tremulous (trem-yuh-luhs), adj.

2.  timid, fearful.

IN A SENTENCE: Alaina's tremulous whispering ruined dirty talk with Cesar. 

10/21/19: vituperate (vahy-too-puh-reyt), v.

1.  to use, or address with, harsh or abusive language.

IN A SENTENCE: Gene is known to vituperate anyone who interrupts sessions with his blow-up doll.

10/15/19: sycophant (sik-uh-fuhnt), n.

1.  a self-seeking flatterer; a yes-man or flunky.

IN A SENTENCE: Olga shouldn't have asked her sycophant if pulling down Marlon's zipper was okay.

10/1/19: upbraid (uhp-breyd), v.

1.  to find fault with or reproach severely.

IN A SENTENCE: Leah had to upbraid Lance for putting his tongue in her sister's ear.

9/25/19: plaudits (plaw-dits), n.

1.  an enthusiastic expression of approval.

IN A SENTENCE: Ernesto made sure to give plaudits to Cammy when her t-shirt got soaked.

9/12/19: contravene (kon-truh-veen), v.

2.  to violate, infringe or transgress.

IN A SENTENCE: Rick likes to contravene social norms such as entering occupied dressing rooms.

9/3/19: truculent (truhk-yuh-luhnt), v.

3.  aggressively hostile; belligerent.

IN A SENTENCE: When drunk, Hope becomes mean and truculent, but it's tolerated because she also becomes easy.