Word Of The Day Archive 7

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2/24/20: laconic (luh-kon-ik), adj.

1. expressing much in few words; concise.

IN A SENTENCE: Vance gave his usual laconic answers when suspected of clogging the toilet with old wigs.

2/17/20: ruminate (roo-muh-neyt), v.

1. to meditate on; ponder.

IN A SENTENCE: Brody took a few minutes to ruminate on morality before mooning the old folks' home.

2/8/20: perfidy (pur-fi-dee), n.

1. deliberate breach of faith and trust.

IN A SENTENCE: Thanks to Colin's perfidy, the entire student body learned Brandi enjoys cat food.

2/4/20: compendium (kuhm-pen-dee-uhm), n.

3. a full list or inventory.

IN A SENTENCE: In Darren's bedroom is a typed compendium of animals that smell better than his father.