Word Of The Day Archive 8

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1/27/21: corpulent (kawr-pyuh-luhnt); adj.

1. large or bulky of body; portly; stout; fat.

IN A SENTENCE: Brent was somewhat offended when, despite his corpulent build, not one forest creature attempted to eat him.

1/23/21: arcane (ahr-keyn); adj.

1. known or understood by very few; mysterious, secret.

IN A SENTENCE: Because of Beth's arcane job specifics, most assume she's secretly Ronald McDonald.

1/20/21: lassitude (las-i-tood); n.

1. weariness of body or mind from strain; lack of energy.

IN A SENTENCE: Eliza blames her lassitude on staying up three days straight binge-watching Mork & Mindy.

1/16/21: purloin (per-loin); v.

1. to take dishonestly; steal.

IN A SENTENCE: To settle a bet, Ronald had to purloin an old man's false teeth while he was using them.

1/11/21: equivocate (ih-kwiv-uh-keyt); v.

1. to use ambiguous or unclear expressions, usually to avoid commitment or in order to mislead.

IN A SENTENCE: All Mitch does is equivocate when asked what happened in the neighbor's barn that night.

1/7/21: nascent (nas-uhnt), adj.

1. beginning to exist or develop.

IN A SENTENCE: Chuck's nascent career as a cook ended when he couldn't stop sweating all over the orders.