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12/7/22: axiom (ak-see-uhm), n.

1. a self-evident truth that requires no proof.

IN A SENTENCE: Larry doesn't always follow the old axiom "pee goes in the toilet".


9/15/22: palatable (pal-uh-tuh-buhl), adj.

2. acceptable or agreeable to the mind or feelings.

IN A SENTENCE: Darren finds the smell of chalk mixed with cheese palatable to his senses.

7/14/22: intractable (in-trak-tuh-buhl), adj.

1. not easily controlled or directed.

IN A SENTENCE: Dylan is such a high level of intractable that if anyone tells him to enjoy his meal, he'll pee on it.


6/10/22: cadre (KA-drey), n.

2. a group of trained or otherwise qualified personnel.

IN A SENTENCE: Marvin formed a cadre of fellow Star Trek fanatics to help him become fluent in Klingon.


5/20/22: dissolute (DIS-uh-loot), adj.

1. indifferent to or lax in morals.

IN A SENTENCE: It takes a dissolute person to blow their nose in someone's hair, but Hunter's always been a bit "off".


4/21/22: dissipate (DIS-uh-peyt), v.

1. to scatter in various directions.

IN A SENTENCE: Whenever Ken wants privacy, he removes his shirt, causing all present to dissipate.


4/7/22: profligate (prof-li-git), adj.

1. utterly and shamelessly immoral.

IN A SENTENCE: Karl's inexcusable, profligate behavior includes sneezing into toasters and attempting to score dates in emergency rooms.



cy rooms.

3/1/22: temerity (tuh-mer-i-tee), n.

1. reckless boldness, rashness.

IN A SENTENCE: Lance couldn't believe Elaine had the temerity to criticize his neck 11 minutes after meeting him.


1/20/22: quell (kwel), v.

1. to suppress; put an end to; extinguish.

IN A SENTENCE: Ernest did all he could to quell the gassy sounds he was making, but the police found him anyway.

12/22/21: acerbic (uh-SUR-bik), adj.

2. harsh or severe (in temper or expression).

IN A SENTENCE: Wanda's​ acerbic reaction to the ref's foul call earned her two technical fouls, an ejection, AND a frowny face.

11/26/21: trepid (trep-id), adj.

1. fearful or apprehensive, especially trembling from fear.

IN A SENTENCE: Jane's new Royals cap made her less trepid around the Crips down her block.

9/5/21: exalt (ig-zawlt), v.

1. to raise in rank, honor, power, etc.​

IN A SENTENCE: Darren was set to exalt Mitch to assistant manager before Mitch brought a raccoon to eat for lunch. 

8/26/21: fatuous (fach-oo-uhs), adj.

1. foolish or inane.​

IN A SENTENCE: Alan's fatuous stunts included attending his aunt's funeral in her clothes.


8/16/21: consecrate (kon-si-kreyt), v.

3. to devote or dedicate to some purpose.

IN A SENTENCE: Despite ridicule, Eric consecrated himself to eliminating profanity in the inner cities.

8/6/21: tacit (tas-it); adj.

1. understood without being openly expressed; implied.​

IN A SENTENCE: Corrine was given a tacit warning to stop leaving gravy on Mark's porch.

7/26/21: convivial (kuhn-viv-ee-uhl); adj.


1. friendly, agreeable.​

IN A SENTENCE: Lester could be too convivial, like when his doctor convinced him to go home without his pants.

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