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\Note From Skillz:

The Memes update is practically DONE as of 9:45 pm on 9/14/2023! Check back soon.


Recently added:

  • Skillz And 95.7 The Game page has two new excerpts as well as a new call to The Game from Skillz as of 9/14/2023.

  • Topps Baseball Card Of The Day updated through 3/24/2023.

  • MLB and NFL Milestone Trackers updated through 9/14/2023.


As it turns out, Twitter feeds haven't been displaying properly for weeks—I'm certain it has to do with the "X" rebranding.

Since no one can live without my social media updates, I've decided to just screenshot them until the necessary repairs are made. - Skillz

Skillz' Tweets Thru 9/14/2023

2012 Topps Update #298 Gaby Sanchez, Pirates


2015 Topps #270 Jon Singleton, Astros


2011 Topps Update #159 Alex Cobb, Rays


2000 Topps #127 Richard Hidalgo, Astros



What is UP with this ballclub? Wins in five of six games after opening September with six straight losses? Thru 9/14/23, SF (somehow) held a virtual tie with ARI and CIN for the third NL Wild Card spot.


MLB Milestone Tracker

September 7, 2023 12:30 am

MLB Milestone Tracker

  • With 3,159, Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) needs right hits to pass Adrian Beltre for 17th all-time.

  • With 510, Cabrera has become the 28th member of the 500-HR club. Next up: Mel Ott with 511.

  • With 1,875, Cabrera has passed Ott for 13th all-time in RBI. Next up: Willie Mays with 1,909.

  • With 623, Cabrera needs two doubles to pass Hank Aaron for 13th all-time.

  • With 400, Giancarlo Stanton (Yankees) has joined 400-HR club as of 9/5/2023. 

  • With 300, Bryce Harper (Phillies) has joined 300-HR club as of 8/30/2023. 

  • With 299, Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) needs one HR to join 300 club. Season is over due to injury.

  • With 297, Carlos Santana (Brewers) needs three HR to join 300 club.

  • With 295, Anthony Rizzo (Yankees) needs five HR to join 300 club. Season is over due to injury.

  • With 198, Adam Wainwright (Cardinals) needs two wins to join 200 club. 

  • With 3,317, Justin Verlander (Astros) has passed Fergie Jenkins for 13th all-time in K. Next up: Phil Niekro with 3,342. 

  • With 3,365, Max Scherzer (Rangers) needs seven K to pass Greg Maddux for 10th all-time.

  • With 2,962, Zack Greinke (Royals) needs 38 K to become 20th member of 3,000 club. 

  • With 2,930, Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) needs 70 K to become 20th or 21st member of 3,000 club. 

  • With 416, Craig Kimbrel (Phillies) has passed Dennis Eckersley for 7th all-time in saves. Next up: Billy Wagner with 422.

  • With 319, Aroldis Chapman (Rangers) needs seven saves to pass Huston Street for 20th all-time.  

  • With 420, Kenley Jansen (Red Sox) will likely be jockeying with Kimbrel for 7th all-time in saves throughout 2023.

  • With 2,172, Dusty Baker (Astros) needs 23 managerial wins to pass Sparky Anderson for 6th all-time. 

  • With 2,079, Bruce Bochy (Rangers) has passed Walter Alston for 10th all-time in managerial wins. Next up: Joe McCarthy with 2,125.

  • With 1,940, Terry Francona (Guardians) needs 60 managerial wins to become the 13th member of the 2,000 club. Possible in 2024, but has hinted at retiring after 2023.

Edited Image 2018-03-07 06-01-02

NFL Milestone Tracker

August 10, 2023, 2:40 pm

NFL Milestone Tracker

  • With 59,055, Aaron Rodgers (Jets) needs 945 passing yards to become 9th with 60,000.

  • With 475, Rodgers needs 25 TD passes to become fifth with 500.

  • With 381, Ryan needs 19 TD passes to become ninth with 400.

  • With 333, Matthew Stafford (Rams) needs 10 TD passes to pass Fran Tarkenton for 11th all-time. 

  • With 252, Kirk Cousins (Vikings) needs 10 TD passes to pass Dave Krieg for 20th all-time.

  • With 78, Derrick Henry (Titans) needs four rushing TD to pass two others for 19th all-time.

  • With 903, Julio Jones (FA) needs 38 receptions to pass Art Monk for 20th all-time.

  • With 13,629, Jones needs 149 receiving yards to pass Henry Ellard for 15th all-time. 

  • With 87, Davante Adams (Raiders) needs two receiving TD to pass Don Maynard for 14th all-time.

  • With 123.5, Von Miller (Bills) needs 2.5 sacks to pass Dwight Freeney for 18th all-time. 

  • With 115.5, Cameron Jordan (Saints) needs eight sacks to pass Robert Mathis for 20th all-time.

  • With 112, Chandler Jones (Raiders) needs 11.5 sacks to pass Mathis for 20th all-time.

  • With 447, Robbie Gould (FA) needs 15 FG to pass John Kasay for 7th all-time.

  • With 395, Mason Crosby (FA) needs three FG to pass Matt Bryant for 12th all-time.

  • With 373, Matt Prater (Cardinals) needs 11 FG to pass Nick Lowery for 16th all-time.

  • With 363, Justin Tucker (Ravens) needs four FG made to pass Norm Johnson for 19th all-time.

  • With 1,466, Andy Lee (Cardinals) has passed Shane Lechler for second all-time in punts. Next up: Jeff Feagles with 1,713.

  • With 297, Lee needs five games played to pass Kasay for 12th all-time.

  • With four, Justin Houston (Panthers) needs one safety to break four-way tie for the all-time lead.

  • With 298, Bill Belichick (Patriots) needs two coaching wins to become 3rd with 300.

  • With 247, Andy Reid (Chiefs) needs four coaching wins to pass Tom Landry for 4th all-time.


NBA Milestone Tracker

July 23, 2023, 6:30 pm

NBA Milestone Tracker

  • With 26,892, Kevin Durant (Suns) needs 55 points to pass Hakeem Olajuwon for 12th all-time. 

  • With 54,093, LeBron James (Lakers) has passed Dirk Nowitzki for 3rd all-time in minutes played. Next up: Karl Malone with 54,852.

  • With 14,152, James has passed Malone for 2nd all-time in FG made. Next up: Abdul-Jabbar with 15,837.

  • With 2,387, Damian Lillard (Trailblazers) has passed Vince Carter for 6th all-time in 3-pt FG. Next up: Kyle Korver with 2,450.

  • With 2,261, James has passed Jamal Crawford for 9th all-time in 3-pt FG. Next up: Jason Terry with 2,282.

  • With 2,213, Klay Thompson (Warriors) needs nine 3-pt FG to pass Jamal Crawford for 10th all-time.

  • With 7,357, James Harden (76ers) has passed Michael Jordan for 6th all-time in FTs made. Next up: Oscar Robertson with 7,694.

  • With 2,544, Chris Paul (Warriors) has passed Jordan for 4th all-time in steals. Next up: Jason Kidd with 2,684. 

  • With 2,186, James has passed Olajuwon for 9th all-time in steals. Next up: Clyde Drexler with 2,207.

  • With 1,775, Russell Westbrook (Clippers) has passed Andre Iguodala for 19th all-time in steals. Next up: Kevin Garnett with 1,859.

  • With 11,501, Paul has passed Steve Nash for 3rd all-time in assists. Next up: Kidd with 12,091.

  • With 10,420, James has passed Nash for 4th all-time in assists. 

  • With 9,162, Westbrook has passed Isiah Thomas for 9th all-time in assists. Next up: Robertson with 9,887.

  • With 894, Rick Carlisle (Pacers) needs42 coaching wins to pass Dick Motta for 13th all-time.

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