Giants fall just short of the 2020 Playoffs. What roster moves are coming?

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1996 Topps #304 Joey Cora, Seattle Mariners

2006 Topps #52 Jaret Wright, Yankees

1998 Topps #275 Checklist 1 of 4 (cards #1-195)

2009 Topps Update #210 Jason Vargas, Mariners

MLB Milestone Tracker

September 27, 2020

MLB Milestone Tracker

  • With 3,236, Albert Pujols (Angels) needs eight hits to pass Nap LaJoie for 14th all-time.

  • With 662, Pujols has passed Willie Mays for fifth all-time in home runs.

  • With 669, Pujols has passed Craig Biggio for 5th all-time in doubles.

  • With 1,843, Pujols needs two runs to pass Biggio for 15th all-time.

  • With 2,100, Pujols has passed Alex Rodriguez for 3rd all-time in RBI. (TSR recognizes Babe Ruth's total.)

  • With 487, Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) needs 13 home runs to join 500 club.

  • With 295, Joey Votto (Reds) needs five home runs to join 300 club.

  • With 193, Jon Lester (FA) needs seven wins to join 200 club.

  • With 2,784, Max Scherzer (Nationals) needs 49 K to pass Mickey Lolich for 20th all-time.

  • With 348, Craig Kimbrel (Cubs) has passed Randy Myers for 12th all-time in saves. Next up: Troy Percival with 358. 

NFL Milestone Tracker

December 3, 2020

NFL Milestone Tracker

  • With 54,349, Matt Ryan (Falcons) has passed John Elway for 9th all-time in passing yards. Next on the list is Eli Manning with 57,023.

  • With 59,345, Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) needs 655 passing yards to become 7th with 60,000.

  • With 413, Philip Rivers (Colts) needs eight TD passes to pass Dan Marino for 5th all-time.

  • With 15,868, Frank Gore (Jets) has passed Barry Sanders for third all-time in rush yards. Walter Payton is 2nd with 16,726.

  • With 14,660, Adrian Peterson (Lions) has passed Curtis Martin for 5th all-time in rush yards. Barry Sanders is 4th with 15,269.

  • With 115, Peterson has passed Walter Payton for 4th all-time in rushing TD. Marcus Allen is 3rd with 123.

  • With 80, Gore needs one rushing TD to pass Edgerrin James for 20th all-time.

  • With 1,421, Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals) has passed Tony Gonzalez for 2nd all-time in receptions. Jerry Rice leads with 1,549.

  • With 13,034, Jason Witten (Raiders) needs 68 receiving yards to pass Steve Largent for 18th all-time.

  • With 120, Fitzgerald has passed Antonio Gates for 6th all-time in TD receptions. Marvin Harrison is 5th with 128.

  • With 83, Rob Gronkowski (Buccaneers) needs two TD receptions to pass four players for 18th all-time.

NBA Milestone Tracker

August 14, 2020

NBA Milestone Tracker

  • With 26,446, Carmelo Anthony (Trailblazers) has passed John Havlicek for 16th all-time in points.

  • With 34,241, LeBron James (Lakers) has passed Kobe Bryant for 3rd all-time in points.

  • With 48,551, James needs 157 minutes played to pass Bryant for 7th all-time.

  • With 12,481, James needs 201 field goals to pass Wilt Chamberlain for 3rd all-time.

  • With 2,495, Stephen Curry (Warriors) needs 66 3-pt FG to pass Reggie Miller for 2nd all-time. 

  • With 2,320, James Harden (Rockets) has passed Jason Terry for 5th all-time in 3-pt FG made.

  • With 1,776, Damien Lillard (Trailblazers) needs 52 3-pt FG to pass Bryant for 17th all-time.

  • With 2,130, Dwight Howard (76ers) needs eight blocks to pass Ben Wallace for 13th all-time.

  • With 170, coach Gregg Popovich (Spurs) needs two playoff wins to pass Pat Riley for second all-time.

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Just me, San Francisco Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto and the Scooby-Doo gang solving mysteries. In broken English, Cueto expresses


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Latest Word Of The Day: 11/29/20

vaunted (vawn-tid), adj.

1. praised boastfully or excessively.

IN A SENTENCE: When he cooked from memory, Harvey's vaunted chicken cacciatore looked and tasted more like chicken earwax.