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1988 Topps Traded #109 Joe Slusarski, Team USA


1993 Topps #525 Scott Sanderson, Yankees


1992 Topps #47 Rex Hudler, Cardinals


2001 Topps #139 Chris Stynes, Reds



The Giants are among baseball's early surprises so far in 2021. How long will they be able to maintain their winning ways?

MLB Milestone Tracker

June 13, 2021

MLB Milestone Tracker

  • With 3,268, Albert Pujols (Dodgers) needs 16 hits to pass Willie Mays for 12th all-time.

  • With 2,901, Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) needs 99 hits to join 3,000 club.

  • With 672, Pujols has passed Mays for fifth all-time in home runs. Next up: Alex Rodriguez with 696.

  • With 671, Pujols has passed Craig Biggio for 5th all-time in doubles. Next up: Ty Cobb with 724.

  • With 1,859, Pujols needs one run to pass Mel Ott for 14th all-time.

  • With 2,125, Pujols has passed Rodriguez for 3rd all-time in RBI. Next up: Babe Ruth with 2,214. 

  • With 492, Cabrera needs eight home runs to join 500 club.

  • With 584, Cabrera needs two doubles to pass Rafael Palmeiro for 20th all-time.

  • With 1,937, Joey Votto (Reds) needs 63 hits to join 2,000 club.

  • With 295, Chris Davis (Orioles) needs five home runs to join 300 club, but he's out for 2021.

  • With 193, Jon Lester (Nationals) needs seven wins to join 200 club.

  • With 2,888, Max Scherzer (Nationals) has passed Jim Bunning for 19th all-time in K. Next up: Justin Verlander with 3,013.

  • With 366, Craig Kimbrel (Cubs) needs three saves to pass Jonathan Papelbon for 9th all-time.

  • With 327, Kenley Jansen (Dodgers) needs four saves to pass John Wetteland for 15th all-time.

NFL Milestone Tracker

January 4, 2021

NFL Milestone Tracker

  • With 55,502, Matt Ryan (Falcons) has passed John Elway for 9th all-time in passing yards. Next on the list is Eli Manning with 57,023.

  • With 60,348, Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) has become 7th with 60,000 passing yards.

  • With 16,000, Frank Gore (FA) has passed Barry Sanders for third all-time in rush yards. Walter Payton is 2nd with 16,726.

  • With 14,820, Adrian Peterson (FA) has passed Curtis Martin for 5th all-time in rush yards. Barry Sanders is 4th with 15,269.

  • With 118, Peterson has passed Walter Payton for 4th all-time in rushing TD. Marcus Allen is 3rd with 123.

  • With 81, Gore needs two rushing TD to pass Corey Dillon for 18th all-time.

  • With 1,432, Larry Fitzgerald (FA) has passed Tony Gonzalez for 2nd all-time in receptions. Jerry Rice leads with 1,549.

  • With 121, Fitzgerald has passed Antonio Gates for 6th all-time in TD receptions. Marvin Harrison is 5th with 128.

  • With 86, Rob Gronkowski (Buccaneers) needs two receiving TD to pass Andre Reed for 14th all-time.

NBA Milestone Tracker

May 16, 2021

NBA Milestone Tracker

  • With 27,370, Carmelo Anthony (Trailblazers) has passed Elvin Hayes for 10th all-time in points. Next up: Moses Malone with 27,409.

  • With 35,367, LeBron James (Lakers) has passed Kobe Bryant for 3rd all-time in points. Next up: Karl Malone with 36,928.

  • With 50,055, James has passed Elvin Hayes for 6th all-time in minutes played. Next up: Jason Kidd, with 50,111.

  • With 12,903, James has passed Wilt Chamberlain for 3rd all-time in field goals. Next up: Malone with 13,528.

  • With 2,832, Stephen Curry (Warriors) has passed Reggie Miller for 2nd all-time in 3-pt FG. Next up: Ray Allen with 2,973. 

  • With 2,445, James Harden (Nets) needs six 3-pt FG to pass Kyle Korver for 4th all-time.

  • With 2.051, Damien Lillard (Trailblazers) has become the 10th with 2,000 career 3-pt FG. Next up: Paul Pierce with 2,143.

  • With 2,332, Chris Paul (Suns) has passed Mo Cheeks for 5th all-time in steals. Next up: Gary Payton, Sr. with 2,455.

  • With 170, coach Gregg Popovich (Spurs) needs two playoff wins to pass Pat Riley for second all-time.