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MLB Milestone Tracker

(thru 2/13/2024)



3,174 hits - 17th all-time

627 doubles - 13th all-time

511 home runs - T25th all-time

1,881 RBI - 13th all-time

  • With 368, Mike Trout (Angels) needs 32 home runs to become 59th member of 400 club.
  • With 299, Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) needs one HR to join 300 club.  
  • With 301, Carlos Santana (Twins) has joined the 300-home run club as of 9/23/2023.
  • With 295, Anthony Rizzo (Yankees) needs five home runs to join 300 club. 
  • With 279, Josh Donaldson (FA) needs 21 home runs to join 300 club.
  • With 261, Jose Abreu (Astros) needs 39 home runs to join 300 club.
  • With 257, JAaron Judge (Yankees) needs 43 home runs to join 300 club.
  • With 1,930, Evan Longoria (FA) needs 70 hits to join 2,000 club.
  • With 1,909, Paul Goldschmidt (Cardinals) needs 91 hits to join 2,000 club.
  • With 3,342, Justin Verlander (Astros) needs one K to pass Phil Niekro for 11th all-time.
  • With 3,367, Max Scherzer (Rangers) needs five K to pass Greg Maddux for 10th all-time.  
  • With 2,979, Zack Greinke (FA) needs 21 K to become 20th member of 3,000 club. May or may not retire.
  • With 2,944, Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) needs 56 K to become 20th or 21st member of 3,000 club. 
  • With 417, Craig Kimbrel (Orioles) needs six saves to pass Billy Wagner for 6th all-time.
  • With 321, Aroldis Chapman (Pirates) needs four saves to pass Huston Street for 20th all-time.  
  • With 420, Kenley Jansen (Red Sox) needs five saves to pass John Franco for 5th all-time.
  • With 2,093, Bruce Bochy (Rangers) has passed Walter Alston for 10th all-time in managerial wins. Next up: Joe McCarthy with 2,125.
  • With 1,517, Bob Melvin (Giants) needs 103 managerial wins to pass Ralph Houk for 21st all-time.
NFL Milestone Tracker

(thru 2/13/2024)


  • With 59,055, Aaron Rodgers (Jets) needs 945 passing yards to become 9th with 60,000.  
  • With 475, Rodgers needs 25 TD passes to become fifth with 500.  
  • With 357, Matthew Stafford (Rams) needs 10 TD passes to pass Eli Manning for 10th all-time. 
  • With 334, Russell wilson (Broncos) needs nine TD passes to pass Fran Tarkenton for 12th all-time.
  • With 270, Kirk Cousins (Vikings) needs six TD passes to pass Vinny Testaverde for 18th all-time.
  • With 90, Derrick Henry (Titans) needs two rushing TD to pass two others for 11th all-time.
  • With 9,502, Henry needs 498 rush yards to become 32nd with 10,000.
  • With 928, DeAndre Hopkins (Titans) needs 16 receptions to pass Derrick Mason for 19th all-time.
  • With 914, Julio Jones (Eagles) needs 15 receptions to pass Antonio Brown for 21st all-time.
  • With 13,703, Jones needs 77 receiving yards to pass Anquan Boldin for 14th all-time. 
  • With 95, Davante Adams (Raiders) needs five receiving TD to become 11th or 12th with 100.
  • With 94, Mike Evans (Bucs) needs six receiving TD to become 11th or 12th with 100.

  • With 123.5, Von Miller (Bills) needs 2.5 sacks to pass Dwight Freeney for 18th all-time.  
  • With 117.5, Cameron Jordan (Saints) needs 6.0 sacks to pass Robert Mathis for 20th all-time.

  • With 401, Matt Prater (Cardinals) has passed Mason Crosby for 12th all-time in FG made. Next up: Jason Elam and Sebastian Janikowski with 436..

  • With 395, Justin Tucker (Ravens) needs five FG made to become 14th with 400.
  • With 382, Nick Folk (Titans) needs 18 FG made to become 15th with 400.
  • With four, Justin Houston (Panthers) needs one safety to break four-way tie for the all-time lead.
  • With 258, Andy Reid (Chiefs) has passed Tom Landry for 4th all-time in coaching wins. Next up: Bill Belichick with 302.
  • With 173, Mike Tomlin (Steelers) needs one coaching win to pass Jeff Fisher for 12th all-time.
NBA Milestone Tracker

(thru 2/13/2024)


  • With 28,192, Kevin Durant (Suns) needs 98 points to pass Carmelo Anthony for ninth all-time.

    With 25,505, Durant needs 224 points to pass Vince Carter for 20th all-time.

    With 55,773, LeBron James (Lakers) has passed Karl Malone for second all-time in minutes. Next up: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 57,446.

  • With 1,469, James needs eight games played to pass Malone for sixth all-time.
  • With 14,599, James has passed Malone for 2nd all-time in FG made. Next up: Abdul-Jabbar with 15,837.
  • With 2,530, Lillard needs 31 3-pt FG to pass Reggie Miller for 4th all-time.
  • With 2,362, James needs 89 3-pt FG to pass Kyle Korver for 6th all-time.
  • With 2,368, Klay Thompson (Warriors) 83 3-pt FG to pass Korver for 6th all-time.
  • With 7,557, James Harden (76ers) has passed Michael Jordan for 6th all-time in FTs made. Next up: Oscar Robertson with 7,694. 
  • With 2,580, Chris Paul (Warriors) has passed Jordan for third all-time in steals. Next up: Jason Kidd with 2,684.
  • With 2,248, James needs 60 steals to pass Scottie Pippen for eighth all-time.
  • With 1,833, Russell Westbrook (Clippers) needs 27 steals to pass Kevin Garnett for 18th all-time.
  • With 11,731, Paul has passed Steve Nash for third all-time in assists. Next up: Kidd with 12,091.
  • With 10,792, James has passed Nash for fourth all-time in assists. 
  • With 9,401, Westbrook has passed Isiah Thomas for ninth all-time in assists. Next up: Robertson with 9,887.

  • With 1,100, Doc Rivers (Bucks) has passed Larry Brown for eighth all-time in coaching wins. Next up: Phil Jackson with 1,155.

  • With 926, Rick Carlisle (Pacers) needs 41 coaching wins to pass Dick Motta for 13th all-time.